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For a couple of years now, I have been signed up to receive a message each day from www.tut.com

These messages are really pick-er-uppers and have often given me something to really turn my day around. I think you guys should all register to get these free messages.

Here's a sample of mine from today....

While a child attending kindergarten Ann, cannot fully comprehend all the priceless reasons they are there - to socialize, make friends, grow and prepare for ever higher realms of awareness - by that age they can, nevertheless, sense and grasp that their wise and doting parents have kept their very best interests in mind, and that is enough. Because with this awareness, they can at least stop trying to figure everything out and simply start enjoying their hand painting, alphabet lessons and cat-naps. Knowing that even if they break a crayon or some lad pulls a chair out from under them, they're still exactly where they should be, everything is going to turn out just grand, and everyone back home is as proud as can be.

And oh my goodness, Ann, we are so proud of you.

Do I "over-dote"?

The Universe

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