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feeling bad

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My mom has been tired lately and thinks that she feels the same pain in her back that she felt in July 2005 with the local recurrence where the tumor was removed. She is getting a CT/PET on 4/4 with results 4/7.

I'm just scared and worried. Don't have a good feeling. I hate this stupid disease and what it does to our lives!! I so do not want to walk this road that just gets worse not better!! I could go on and on and on but I'm just going to go to bed.

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel better already.


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Kelly I will be saying prayers for you mom. I pray for you too, to receive some strength and comfort during this waiting time.

Please don't get discouraged so quickly especially before you know what is going on. It may be pain residual from the surgery or the cyberknife, the body healing. It could just be something non-cancer related all together. Try and stay positive, because the alternative is just too hard on you, and it is hard on your mom to be upset before you know what you are upset about. I will be praying for that Non-cancer result.

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(((Kelly))), I Hate this disease too. My prayers are always for your Mom and you. How about trying to take a breath and take one step at a time................instead of leap frogging WAY ahead. Much easier said than done, I know. Will be thinking of your Mom next week. I, too, will get my 3 month tests on the 4th. Will know Wednesday what shape I am in. Hopefully Mom and I can do some celebrating of good news!



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Kasey took the words out of mouth! Don't jump ahead, it doesn't do you any good! Prayers for peace and strength over the next few days...and of course for a clean scan. As Carleen said, it could be a lot of things...don't get yourself into diagnosis paralysis.

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