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Husband is having Pneumonectomy this Wed.


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My husband is having Lung Surgery this Wed. Aug 27! After a long strungle to convince the doctors that my husband was a good candidate for surgery, I am very scared.

My husband was diagnosed with Stage III NSC Lung Cancer in April. He had three cycles of CHEMO but CT scan showed no shrinkage in the size of the tumor. (To me, it looked like the tumor got bigger!). The first doctors did not gave him much hope since the tumor was really big, invading his right lung. :cry:

After seeking for a second, and third opinion, he is having surgery.

What should I expect after surgery? The docs said he will have some CHEMO and Radiation after surgery. My husband is 42, so I think he is strong enough for the surgery but I am scared that the next round of CHEMO and Radiation will really make him sick.

Worried wife. :(

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The surgery is tough - no doubt about it. But it is well worth it since it offers the best option for cure/remission. The chemo and radiation are tough - no doubt about it. But well worth it. It could be that there were no treatments to offer.

You and your husband will have a rough couple of months, but with great hope, you will come out the other side happy and healthy.

My prayers will be there for your husband's surgery.


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Hi there.

Please don't worry too much. It's not good for you, and it's scientifically proven, without a doubt, and with a -4% margin of error, that it doesn't do

anybody any good anyhow.

Surgical technique is pretty darn good these days, and a 42 year young person should have no problem with the pneumonectomy or the recovery.

There will be much pain and discomfort for the first while, and a point should be made to "get up and running" (OK, walking) as soon as possible.

Then, the lung needs to be exercised regularly to become strong and kept healthy, all the while working at expanding it's capacity. An indoor stationary bike is a good thing to get started on, as you can control everything. I wish you and your husband good luck with the surgery.

I was looking for a post of my original survival story in the archived sections, but could not find it. I think I will post it again since there have been so many newcomers lately, and if no one out there objects. But in the meantime, you can find an update on my biking escapades about halfway down the "General" forum entitled, "Update from a smiling biker."

Take care, and keep us posted on the surgery, or PM me if you just want to talk.

David P.

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I had the upper left lobe of my lung removed on June 20. I was hospitalized for three days and had an epidural for pain while I was in the hospital. I was sent home with pain pills and weaned myself off of them by the 4th of July.

Yes, the surgery is rough, but it seemed for me, the worst thing was the chest tubes. I spent the first night in intensive care and then was moved to a medical surgical floor where the first thing they did was insist I get up and walk. That seemed to begin my recovery. I started feeling better when I started moving around again. Shortness of breath was an issue at first, but it got better every day. The chest tubes were removed the day I went home and after that, I steadily improved and was back at work full time (desk job) in 2 1/2 weeks.

I am a 47 year-old, otherwise very healthy female. I hope this helps--what I'm trying to say is the surgery is tough, but recovery seemed quick for me. Doctor said I needed to increase walking and activity every day to get back the lung capacity. I did and feel very happy with my progress.

Good luck to you........

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Hi- I thought I'd chime in too. I had a pneumonectomy (left lung) in April of 02. It's painful but your husband will do just fine. I was 38 when I had mine. The first day was rough but I slept through most of it. You probably won't have the drainage tubes (yucky!) I had them when I had surgery on my lung but then when I had the pneumonectomy I didn't need one (no lung in there left to drain) The day after surgery I walked around the intensive care unit and by day 5 I drove myself home from the hospital. 5 days after that I was working again full time. I pushed myself to do the breathing and arm exercises and I walked everywhere even though it hurt. Your husband is young and strong he can do it too. The one thing I would recommend... I had my pneumonectomy at Fox Chase Cancer center the other two chest surgeries were at a smaller hospital and Fox Chase had this air mattress on my bed. The difference was incredible. It wasn't real thick-it laid overtop my regular mattress but it made such a difference. I didn't have nearly as much pain when I tried to sleep etc. None of those pressure points on tender incisions. I even bought one to use when I got home. I would HIGHLY recommend it! I did have chemo/radiation as well. It was awful but I just focused on it killing those cells and when I had the surgery I think I felt good because I was so happy! It got rid of that d**n tumor and I was going to be okay.... It's a tough haul but I'm betting he does just fine?? :wink:

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