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I am sad today


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Hi, My name is Annmarie and I live in Rhode Island. THIS is my first post here. My mom died 38 years ago TODAY from Lung Cancer. I miss her terribly and feel deprived that she never got to see me mature into an intelligent, accomplished and compassionate woman. I have missed having her with me for all the important events in my life. That was 1968. With all that is known in 2006, why do people still smoke? I myself, have to suffer with the consequences of her smoking. To this day I have asthma and respiratory problems and a chronic cough. My prayers are with anyone who is afflicted with lung cancer. Blessings on the journey, Annmarie

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I truly sorry you lost you Mother at such a young age. I guess you never get over lossing a parent, I lost my Dad 4 mts ago and I'm still so heart broken.

Your post confirmed what I have been saying to people when they tell me I need to try harder to get past it. "I"LL NEVER GET OVER IT"

Take care and Thanks for the post..

Michele :cry:

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Wherever You are just look straight up and know that your mom is right there smiling down on you wherever you go!!Saying A prayer!

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