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Stupid Survey

Roger C

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I am standing far away from you so when the lightening bolt from above comes down I don't get hit. :lol: That is actually the second study I have seen studying patients being prayed for-- must be some grant money out there funding this type of research.

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Well obviously the authors have never been under the extreme pain and duress caused by lc.

It would seem reasonable that results depend on how strongly the patients believe, and the strength of the pray-ers beliefs. Even then, we all know God may have other plans. Maybe they should start surveying surgeons beliefs too?

I agree, it is stupid, but interesting. :) Barb

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I believe we are body, mind, and spirit.

When I was in Nursing School , Nursing was defined as the

"Art and Science of fostering or promoting Physical , Emotional, and Spiritual Health."

Several years ago Harvard did a double blind study that showed that prayer even when the patient was not aware they were being prayed for did show less complications, and better outcome. I was not surprised they did this study because in nursing school we had a Harvard service and way back in the late 60's they would wait for the chaplain before even starting emergency surgeries. I was very surprised when I left Boston City Hospital that other hospitals did not "serve chaplains" like offering food, that a patient could refuse but you always offered.

Even this week on TV they are discussing how what you think does affect how well you are. I believe it is true and if ignored any more we are heading for big trouble. Pills are not a cure all.

Donna G

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