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Further Progress of Breast MRI....4/3/06

cindi o'h

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update on Miss Cindi

Met with the onc. today to review results of last CT scan. He is now back from vacation. I have waited about 3 weeks for these results.

I am going to say, "All clear". No sound mets were found.

Still watching that lymph node and it appears the same, he said.

Going to review that pleural effusion on my other lung in 3 months.

His greatest concern is my breast. ARRRRRGGGH!

He insists that I need an MRI of the stupid thing even though I just had an all clear from the breast surgeon, mamo and ultrasound in Jan. He said that they are not as reliable as MRI's. I called the surgeon last week and she said I don't need an MRI, that she gave me a thorough work-up. I told him that she is a breast cancer surgeon. He said, "Well I am a breast cancer specialist!!"

He said that I need one and that I have to get pre-approval from my ins. I am not going to. I have lung cancer and that's enough now. No more cancers.

oh brother. If it's not one thing, it's another. Anyone else feel that way?

Bottom line. 3months for the next scan. And up in the air about the MRI.

All for now.

Cindi o'h

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This sounds like mostly good news. I understand the comment - enough is enough! I think cancer is a government conspiracy! LOL! Don't we wish it was that simple.

I think you know what you need to do as far as the MRI...ignorance is NOT bliss. Take care and keep fighting...you are awesome, girlfriend!

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Good news on the CT.

Can you put the breast business completely out of your mind for 3 months or will it be there in the back creeping forward from time to time?

If it's going to play on you maybe you need to think more about the MRI.......after all what's one one more test after so many and it will certainly shut me and your dr up if you do, won't it!!



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My dear, dear friend. I can certainly understand about enough is enough. Test after test gets to us. But, and this is the big but, you have fought the good fight against LC and seem to be winning that war...so lets not let something like breast cancer slip up on us. My advice is to get the test. Set your mind at ease once and for all. Better safe than sorry.

Take care and if the insurance will pay for it...and they probably will, then do it. How's that for taking control of someone else's decisions? Not my call I know, but please take the safe side.


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''No sounds mets were found''

That is good news indeed.

Now you have one for one against the breast,

Do the MRI and get it settle for all, no more

argument about it and they will only look

about the lung after.

Just wishing you the best.



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get the mri. you didn't come this far by not getting all the info you need. most irregularities are benign (80%), and even if it isn't, get on top of that early. I was incredibly lucky and had less than 2mm of invasive tissue. lumpectomy and radiation....no big deal. My sister, on the other hand, lumpectomy, radiation, chemo. get the mri.


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Love those words..............all clear!!!!!! I am smiling just reading them. Being able to relax JUST A LITTLE and wait the 3 months for the next scan is wonderful, I would think. I just hope you are feeling okay ~ and getting around a little more.

As for the MRI............well, Cindi, you just gotta do wht you think is the right thing to do. I would LOVE to hear that it checked out okay as well, though. Whatever your decision, you know I am rooting for you.



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After that looooong 3 week wait, I'd say the news is GREAT!

So happy for ya Miss Cindy.

I'll throw in my 2 cents too and say....please get the MRI.

We just care about ya and it is always better to play it safe right?

Better get cleaned up and head to the pub. I don't want to be the last one there to help you celebrate your good news. :D

Warm Hugs,


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I am glad to hear that you have no mets Cindi. It may be that your "breast specialist" is just borrowing trouble or has a professional interest in the irregularities seen on the ct scan, but I hope you get an mri anyway. It has to be more fun than a mammogram.

I know what you mean by not wanting to do any more cancer. I have never done a colonoscopy and may never do it. Of course, I have had a PET scan 3 times in the past 2 years and I guess that should let me know if there was anything going on with my colon.

Don M

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Well, Miss Cindi ...A BIG WOOOOOHOOOOO on no mets!!!

As for the MRI...I'm with Don...gotta be MUCH better than a mammogram (Just as long as you don't get Deb's MRI tech with the AC/DC.... :lol::lol: ) Can't hurt to be safe, and it's always fun to get to tell your docs "told ya so!"

Cheers, Miss Cindi! What'll ya have? I'm buying. Miss Luna is having a bowl of milk...she says make it a double... :wink:

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