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Good thoughts......updated 3/30


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Thank you all for your support.

We saw the second surgeon today and had a new pathology report on the biopsy slides which was much more positive than the first one.

Richard's Gleason score has been reduced to 3+3 (it was 3+4) which means that he now has a choice of surgery or radiation. He was leaning toward surgery as this doc does it laproscopically (sp?) and this was seconded by the med onc we also saw today.

He really gave Richard a boost when he said that because of his "young age" - 62!!!!!!!!!!! - and excellent health and fitness he felt that surgery would give him more of the life span he could have expected before this cancer.

The upshot of it all is that surgery is scheduled for May 8th, or before if possible, so all should be settled soon.

Thanks again.


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Phew, I heard the sigh of relief all the way down here. Never ever is cancer good news, but to have the docs have a plan and very encouraging news about the expected results, that should make Richard and you feel a lot better.

The doctor must be very, very smart since he considers 62 to be young.

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What very good news, Geri. Hopefully you both have heaved a huge sigh of relief and are feeling quite confident. You know we all have just our very best wishes, hopes, vibes, and prayers for BOTH of you. Glad you had this news to share!!



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