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Read Star Tribune article Sun 1/19

Donna G

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Hello. Please go to www.startribune.com and scroll down to article on "Sunshine " ad by MPAAT (Minnesota Partners against tobacco) and see the deception they have in this ad. It promotes the stigma that all lung cancer victims caused it themselves, that if you quit you won't get lung cancer and all lung cancer victims smoked. I think for your general health it is great to quit smoking but it is mean to "educate " the public with inaccurate info . We need to get over this and get money to spend on early detection, prevention, and better cures, better staging etc .

You can still see this article if you enter a search for "sunshine"

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I can't understand why all the money is going for ads like this one. Cancer is a disease that doesn't discriminate and yet they keep up with the smoking crap. Yes I smoked for many years, but I know many people that have never smoked and they died from cancer and or are fighting the fight to survive. The help that we need is not from ads like this it is for money to find new and better treatments, cures and better ways to deal with the side affects of the current treatments. What is wrong with everyone who thinks if you stop smoking you will stop cancer? Lung Cancer is here to stay and so are all the other cancers caused by smoking or other causes known and not known, we need to find better treatments and cures, not run more ads like the ones that I have seen lately. Just my opinion.

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Have you seen the ads from the Legacy Foundation in magazines? The latest has a woman apologizing for causing her family pain because she smoked and now she is dying. That is so pathetic. And, so is Carol Burnett...she said her daughter apologized to her for smoking right before she died. Do overweight people apologize for eating too much? Do people with AIDS apologize for having unprotected sex? This makes me so mad!!!!!! And, what about all those holier than thou folks out there that think "I am so smart...I quit so many years ago and now I can't get LC." To them, I say -- Ha! I got it 15 years later. I know people who got it 30 years later. We need to do something about this stuff. Go to the ACTIVISM topic and start talking with each other about combatting this stuff!

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