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mom dx & refusing tx


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My mom has been diagnosed with lung cancer and she doesn't want treatment.

We just lost my dad 6/05 to lung cancer. He had no symptoms except breathing difficulty after heavy labor. After the biopsy, however, breathing got bad, chemo. helped him die more quickly (3 months total). Hospice involved --terrible memories.

Now, my mom is healthy, no symptoms except recurrent bronchitis. She is not willing to even do biopsy. She has multiple nodules in both lungs as revealed by a x-ray, CT and PET/CT scan. So worried but I kind of see her point. Doesn't want to be sick, just die quickly. Her 66 yrs, dad was 69, me 38, single with 2 children, 18 month twins. I am so sick over this.

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I'm very sorry to hear about your dad. As far as your mom, you need to let her know that everyone reacts differently to treatment and depending on that and when they are dx, it makes a big difference. It sounds as if your mom is fairly early along, and if thats the case, she may even be curable. Not to even go for a biopsy would really be a shame.

There are many people on this board (including myself) who are living very well with LC. Let her know we're here for you both if she's willing. If not, we'll certainly respect her wishes.

Wishing you both the best.


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this sounds so, so hard. of course, I am tempted to tell you to talk your mom out of this and if you're so inclined there are plenty of survivors here to support the position!! whatever happens, I'll keep you in my thoughts.



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