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PET/CT Time Again


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Going in for PET/CT #5 on Monday at 8:30 AM. They just called to confirm the appt. I'm so tired of these and all the anticipatory anxiety that goes with them. Thankfully I have the follow-up with the oncologist the next day so not too much waiting.

I told myself I wouldn't look at the CD of the scan ahead of time since I can NEVER read those things correctly.

Not sure if I'll try to get a copy of the report before I see the oncologist. Usually I do so I won't be blind sided by anything. If things are better or no worse then I can breath a big sigh of relief. If things are worse then at least I get to fall apart at home and pull myself together by the time I see the doc so I can ask intelligent questions.

Nothing worse then feeling like you've been kicked in the gut and not being able to articulate a thought when you should be asking a million questions.

Ugh! My stomach is doing flip-flops already.

Thankfully a very busy weekend ahead should keep me fairly distracted.

Thanks for letting me vent a little here and I'd appreciate any and all prayers.


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I am certainly praying for you that you have very good scans. Go in there with a positive attitude and know that you are surrounded by prayers and positive healing thoughts.


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Add my prayers, too. I will be praying for good results for you, Antoinette, and for you, as well Miss Kasey.

By this time next week, you should be recovering from one heck of a celebratory hangover from Cindi's! :wink:

Seriously, wishing you a restful weekend - full of bubble baths, good books, and ALL your favorite things - and WONDERFUL results next week!

Yours in HOPE!!!


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