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Judy's nutritional program as per many requests


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I hardly know where to begin with this. First of all, I would like to make it clear that Judy is, in no way, in the clear. I know that things could change at any moment but I'll share some of the highlights of the past 2 yrs. I started her on a mushroom compound called M/R/S from Pure Encapsulations. It is the Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake mushroom. Throughout her entire Camptosar chemo treatments, her counts never dropped. Her oncologist referred to her as a miracle. He said "I hit you with everything I had and you took it like no other patient ever has." She also is taking a product called LiverProtec from Montiff. Grapeseed extract to help with neuropathy, etc; Vit C; GB-3 & Endopan(can only be bought through nutritionist) for detoxification; 5 vita zyme 3 times/day (digestive enzymes); calcium/magnesium; 2000 mg vit D; Ave(very expensive but is suppose to help stop metastasis-info on Internet); beta glucan; taurine (3000mg/day). For the brain lesions we used alpha lipoic acid because it is an antioxidant that crosses the blood/brain barrier. I began taking her to a nutritionist about 6 months ago for added protection. I would highly recommend that to anyone. Chemo & radiation has no doubt helped to save her life, but she needed more. You can't destroy healthy cells & then expect a cancer patient to just miraculously have a healthy immune system. We create approx. 30-40 millions cancer cells daily but a healthy immune system destroys them. Her latest chemo was carboplatin and etoposide & towards the end, she did begin to experience problems with her counts but nothing too severe. Again, I want to stess that this, so far, has been helping us. I highly recommend contacting a nutritionist who specializes in cancer. Dr. Ralph Moss has written a brilliant article on cancer treatments and vitamins in which he cites amazing studies which prove that most vitamins/antioxidants do not interfere. In closing, I want to tell you the most important therapy of all - Judy, along with so many others, prays constantly and concentrates on the scriptures about healing. She has a very strong faith in God and is constantly reminding her devastated family members that "in the end, it is up to God and I rest in that."

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All I can Say to this is WOW and Congrats on doing so well. That is the way I read all this info. You guys rock!!!!

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