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my story (the short version)

Jen T

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Ok, I have to say I am not sure I can remember everything...In fact, my husband reminded me its been two years, not three...it seems like three! I'll have to change my profile.

I try to live day by day. I believe that asking for our daily bread is about asking for God's daily provision...he told us to ask, so i ask and every day I am nourished and astonished...so i will try to write about my treatment cycle, but it kind of sterilizes the whole thing and I'd rather focus on the big picture stuff...but here goes.

March '04-rushed to the hosp. w/chest pain. 4in.tumor inleft lung found.

May '04-diag. adnocarcinoma stage 3a in left lung and chest lymph nodes (tiny nodules in both lungs...so probably stage 4 from the get go)I am a non-smoker, but grew up with second-hand smoke.

Chemo-May'04-June-Cysplatin & Etopocide (5 days in a row, I think twice in 6 weeks)

Radiation- May'04-June '04 25 treatments concurrent w/chemo

August-left lung resection

Oct- Taxetere-1x every 3wks for 2 months

Dec.'04- June '05 Iressa (pill) 1x a day

September '05- CT scan showed multiple cancer sites in both lungs- nothing in chest area (stage 4)

1 week later I asked for people I know who believe God heals to come and pray with Ken and I (as per James chap.5). There were people from four different churches...several denominations...unbelievable time.

I go back on Iressa.

Nov.'05-CT scan shows all cancer sites in both lungs are gone. Doctor says he believes I am cancer free.

Feb.'06-CT scan still cancer free (is this called NED?)

I plan to see Dr.Janne at Dana Farber in May who will follow my progress as he believes I have the gene mutation on the adno. cell...we don't know as I didn't have the dna test.

Is this what you guys wanted to know?

Thanks for the friendly welcome.

Blessings, Jen

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I never realized that Iressa was being used after the study sayinfg it was not working. That is great that it is working for you. Congrats again!!

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You have an awesome story to tell and I truly appreciate your love and faith for GOD!! Wow, thoses prayers really do work!!!! You are a testimony of that!!! I know that I couldn't have made through this experience without him right beside me.

Congrats to you and GOD IS GOOD!!


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Hi Jen, welcome from a relative newbie too and thank you for sharing your story and your faith. I remember talking to my dad when my mom was first diagnosed with lung cancer, at that time I was very angry with God for "allowing" this to happen because only 3 months before, my family had to bury a second brother (first brother died in 1994). Mom is a very deeply religious person and I couldn't imagine that she would have to endure battling with cancer after having just buried her second son - it didn't seem fair! But one day when I was with my dad, he said "please don't say anything bad about God because it upsets mom", and in my tears I blurted something negative about not knowing how mom could trust God and he said "it's times like these when you really need to have faith". And then when I would talk to mom, she would say "i'm not mad at God, he didn't do this to me, I did it to myself".

After the first week or two of dealing with mom's diagnosis, it suddenly occured to me that my family wasn't being punished and that bad things do happen to very good people. I knew I had the choice to either let anger destroy me, or I could let God in to sustain me during this very trying time. Thankfully I chose the latter...

May God continue to bless and nourish you Jen T, and everyone here, who is battling this horrendous disease!

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