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What Our Members are Currently Using


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I'd like to make this a "sticky" and have the members of the group list what they're using in the way of supplements, etc.

Here's what I'm doing:

-ImmumoPower supplement 1 time per day

-Celebrex 200 mg twice a day

-Baby aspirin once a day

-Try to eat at least daily:

2 servings of fruit

5 servings of vegetables

8-16 oz of vegetable juice

-Exercise most days of the week

-Try to meditate and pray most days of the week

-Go to a tanning bed once a week (for Vitamin D from the UVB rays)

-See a counselor to help in dealing with issues in a healthy manner

I'm interested to hear what other people are doing

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Strictly Oatmeal and fruit cocktail for breakfasts.

Small glass of juice, small glass of milk.

Lunch: Allowed to eat junk sometime, ie, hotdogs,

Dinner: Just about anything as long as theres vegie on the side.

Snacks: Ensure or boast.


Folic, B12, B6, L Glutamine, L CArnitine


Vit C

Korean Ginseng

CoEnzymen Q10

Got to have your Cascasra Sagrada. It's a must.

Got to have your Melatonin very important.

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Prescription medications:

· Lorazepam (Ativan) 1 mg tablet (taken before bed with 12 mg. melatonin).

· Celebrex, 400 mg (200mg twice per day). [adjunct therapy – COX 2 inhibitor & helps the old acheeee bones]

· Vytorin (cholesterol lowering (10 mg. Ezetimibe & 20 mg. Simvastatin) – 1 per day. [adjunct therapy]

· Lisinopril (10 mg. – 1 per day)


· Aspirin, 325 mg. once per day with lunch. [adjunct therapy – blood thinner & COX 1 inhibitor]

· Omega 3 Fish Oil – 8000 mg. each day (4000 in a.m. & 4000 in p.m.) [adjunct therapy]

· Centrum Silver multivitamin/multimineral – once a day in morning

· Potassium Gluconate, 550 mg. per day

· Coenzyme Q10 – 200 mg. per day. [adjunct therapy]

· Selenium 100 mg. once per day. [adjunct therapy]

· Grape seed extract, 100 mg – once a day. [adjunct therapy]

· Melatonin – 12 mg. each night. [adjunct therapy] Helps me sleep better too.

· Curcumin – 250 mg. once per day. [adjunct therapy]

· BetaGlucan 60 mg. per day in morning on empty stomach. [adjunct therapy]

· Cimetidine (generic Tagamet) 600 mg. per day (200 mg. in AM, afternoon & PM). [adjunct therapy]

· Mushroom tablet – Maitake 240 mg, Reishi 180 mg. & Shitake 180 mg. [strengthen immune system]

Chinese herbal medicine:

· Nei Xiao Luo Li Wan (dissolve the mass) 8 tea pills, twice/day before meals

· Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan (for fluid around lung) 8 tea pills twice per day after meals – Note: I’ll quit taking this one when gone.

· Shi Quan Da Bu Wan (immune system & energy) 5 tea pills twice/day after meals

· Ping Xiao Pian (also called Canelim for cancer treatment) 5 capsules twice/day after meals.

When I feel like I need more supplements, I also take:

· Holy Basil, 450 mg.

· Garlic (odor controlled) 650 mg.

· Ginseng (four different types of root extract) 750 mg.


1. About 6 cups of tea during day: Rosemary, Pau D’Arco, green, licorice root and others.

2. Drink lots of filtered & ionized water

3. Try to eat plenty of fruits & vegetables

4. Exercise for ½ hour or more at least 4 times each week.

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I seem to be the minority here...but I am not taking ANY supplements or medications. I am following a strict macrobiotic diet (designed specifically for me by a macrobiotic counselor, based on my lung cancer condition).

It basically consist of tons of organic veggies, whole grains, sea veggies and beans. NO dairy or meat (except a once a week white fish). Everything in the diet is designed to nourish the body. If it isn't going to do me any good -- I don't eat it! :lol:

I've been following it for 10 months and feel GREAT! :wink:

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My supplements include:


Shitake Mushroom

Vitamin C

Cod Liver Oil every other day

I follow the Weight Watchers diet----strictly for eating right--I choose foods that are good for me(not processed). Mostly high fiber and organic. This diet really makes me aware of what I am putting in my body. I also work out at least three days a week (walking, upper body strength, cardiovascular)

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