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Whole Brain Radiation


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My Dad had WBR back in December. He didn't have many of the forgetfullness symptoms that people describe. Now, however, he has almost totally lost hearing in one ear which the hospice nurses say is likely from the WBR. But, he is also now having some major short term memory loss. He has recently switched meds from fentanyl patch to Oxycontin IR and SR so I don't know if this recent development is that or delayed effects of WBR.

It's not just forgetting where he put his water, even though he does that too....We went to see my brother (who lives with my dad) when he was cleaning up his old house. My dad came with us, had a whole conversation with my brother. When we got back to the new house (where my bro lives with my dad) not even 20 min later, my Dad was walking around the house and said to me "Is he out in the backyard?". I said, "Who?" , he said, "Denny...is he in the backyard cleaning?" I said, "No Dad, Denny is cleaning the other house, he is at the other house". My Dad goes, "Oh. OK". It was weird though because he forgot that the whole thing happened, like a black out!!

Then, after taking the Oxycontin IR before we went to Costco, he actually fell asleep in the middle of the aisle in Costco while driving the little cart thingie!! I had to go rouse him! He said the meds don't make him drowsy..

Is it normal to forgot whole situations like that? He does have brain mets but his onc said that they will not be the problem-causer, that the tumor near his heart will.....????

Any info would be appreciated!!

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Yes, I think this sounds like short-term memory problems and sounds very familiar to my mom. I always get a boost when she starts telling me stories from when I was growing up or she'll remember things from a long long time ago that we have all even forgotten. Her long-term memory is normal and fine. I focus on that. Hang in there...

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