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Tim finished up with the rads for his brain mets last tuesday. We saw his onc on THursday and she was really pleased with him. He did mention that he had a little pain in his lower left rib area, but she did not seem too concerned...felt it was from the decadron bothering his stomach and the 10 lbs he put on (all in his stomach) in one week while being on it. She did schedule him for a CT Scan (tonight) to be sure..and she said IF there was any progression she would treat him when we got back from vacation with a light chemo.

Well, Saturday the pain got worse and he started taking his percocet again..it seems to be in his rib area and to the side. This is all on his left side and his cancer is in his RIGHT lung. He was breathing a little heavy Sunday night, but he said it was from the pain. Yesterday, most of the pain stopped...but last night he confessed to me that he was scared that the same thing that was happening to his left lung that happened to the right...the pleural effusion....etc. I told him that he had just had a PET scan at the end of June and that the cancer in his right lung had been there for years before it caused that and I felt that there was no way this could be it....(although I am a little nervous). Yesterday he said he had the chills for a bit and a temp of 99.5...and he is coughing a bit with some phlegm...not a lot...so I am also concerned that he may have pneumonia in that lung as he is on Iressa. But I was not sure if it would cause the pain in his chest and ribs.

He has also been having bad cramping in his left calf...

I just don't know how much more I can take...my stomach is in knots all the time and I try so hard to stay strong for him...I just feel like I am letting him down...I have always been able to fix everything...and I feel so helpless...

Now this..and I can see the fear in his eyes...


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Kathy, we caregivers have to hang tough, but we also need someone to lean on besides our spouse to help get through all this. I hope you have such a person. Of course, you get lots of support here, too, but it doesn't substitute for a person near you. I have screaming fits every now and then, and that helps (I'm nbot kidding!). It is a tough row to hoe. Best to you two. Don

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