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Hi to all that are curious. I am doing well since attending a grief support group a couple weeks ago. What a difference it can make to talk to those who "know". The very sweet lady who invited me (Kathy)lost her husband last April with Pnemonia suddenly. We have a lot in common. I have faired much better. I felt for a time after Leslie had passsed that I would just forever be in a state of loss and despair. I am at times very low, but now have a friend who helps me through.

Any way, I felt it to be good news, so here it is!!

I'll keep in touch.


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Please keep in touch here. Leslie was a very special lady and you are welcome here.

Glad you have found a friend who lives close. Now you can call and just let it all out and she understands. You need that comfort and support, you can help one another... Please keep in touch with us here, so that we can help you too.

Sending Prayers and well wishes,


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I think of you Mark. And I still miss Leslie so very much. She was a positive force who had the ability to just lift me right up out of the depths. I am sure she did the same for a number of the folks here.

Come around often, Mark. The support group is a very good thing. I am so glad you found it and are making use of it.

Much love being sent your way!!!


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Hello all, I have to say thanks so much for your nice responses. So far so good here. Spring has sprung, new life everywhere! My spirits are lifted. The only thing to get me a little down lately, the bulbs in the front garden that Leslie planted last fall. I was watering, saw them sprouting, and reminded me of when she planted them. So, I kind've lost it a little. Trying to stay positive, and doing so. My freind, Kathy, has kept me company and has made it all easier. I too for her, as yesterday was the one year anniversay of her husbands passing. So I supported her yesterday, then lost it myself!! She provided a shoulder for me too, yesterday. So, it's all pretty good overall for me right now, but of course, miss my Leslie so much.

Ok, got to go. I am working, or am supposed to be working right now!! :D

Take care all. I will check back later,


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