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April birthdays!!!


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with deep, hertfelt thanks to Ms. Kasey, here's one we missed :oops: and and a whole lot coming up:

April 1 ~ Rachel ~ Tina and Charlie’s daughter (volfran212) ~ white cake/chocolate icing

April 13 ~ Jan (jang) ~ carrot cake/cream cheese icing

April 14 ~ Cindi (cindi o’h) ~ devil’s food cake/cream cheese icing with a perfect cup of strong coffee or a tall glass of milk ~~~ would REALLY prefer potatoes though!

April 16 ~ Maryanne (Maryanne) ~ chocolate cake/chocolate icing OR her very own chocolate chip cheesecake

April 22 ~ Cyndy (patut) ~ chocolate~chocolate~chocolate!

April 25 ~ Pam (PamS44) ~ chocolate pie OR cake ~ ANYTHING chocolate!

April 26 ~ Kim (kimmek) ~ plain old store bought cake with all the flowers/buttercream icing (NOT the whipped stuff) AND she wants a CORNER piece!

April 28 ~ Frank (Frank Lamb) ~ chocolate cake/chocolate icing and…..you guessed it…..chocolate ice cream!!! NO chocolate doughnuts, Frank????????

April 29 ~ jorja (jorja) ~ chocolate~chocolate~chocolate!

happy birthday April babies!!! spring is sprung!



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Thank you all..

Happy birthday everyone.

Mine is on Easter this year. :wink:

Maryanne :wink:

Cindi lots of people here celebrating including yourself, another excuse to party at your PUB!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Happy Birthday to all you wonderful April babies! I think there is something very special about babies that are born in the spring. They always seem to be such vibrant people throughout their entire lives.

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