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WBR verses SRS-Gamma Knife


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Appt. today for Consult with Radian Onc.. All they do at this facility is WBR. I told doctor, I wasn't going to do WBR. He asked me why and I told him. WBR is used for 4-5 or more mets and suggested Protocall for less mets is SRS (stereotactic radiation or gamma knife) is used for 4 or less mets.

His comment to me was, you have done your research young lady. You are right, good job, I love to meet advocates about their health. He also said I was a miracle.(re; LC) I was impressed with this doctor's honesty and mannerism. He said, we can't do anything for you here, but we do SRS and Gamma knife at our L.A. office. I'll get approval from your insurance to possibly be treated there. We will contact you once approved...

Good Luck and prayers to all,


Not sure where I should post this~~~~

It does pay to research :wink:

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Way to Go Karen. I know you have done your homework very well when it comes to this. I would come to you FIRST if I ever had questions or need someones two cents worth about WBR. I know you know what your talking about. Not to mention you have walked the walk. That alone speaks volumes. Good JOB!


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Glad to see this Karen. I have been pushing Gamma Knife on the board for over 2 years now. I had gamma knife and today there is no sign of the tumor and no side effects like WBR. If you have any questions about the procedure feel free to ask. The worst part of it is afterwards they keep you on a high dose of decadron to keep swelling of the brain down. You will have some headaches but nothing to write home about. Good Luck and God Bless You.


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