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Mom's Scanning April 6th


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Yup, we've gotten to scan time again...though this is the first time I've ventured into this area to post.

It seems odd to me to come here, for some reason. I'm so scared for her...for all of us. Yet I know that whatever shows on the CT she's scheduled for, we'll face it like we've faced all the rest.

She went and bought a new car today... the new '07 Dodge Caliber. She put it only in her name, keeping my stepfather out of it, she thought. She was hoping that, should she die, they'd not be able to hold him responsible for it. Doesn't work that way here, if it does anywhere...but he's ok with it, either way.

All I keep praying is that, opposite of what she thinks, her scans will show she's at least stable. I took the day off to go with her and my stepdad. Least I could do, I guess...and I'd like the chance to sit down with her and her onc and see exactly what's going on.

Please pray that her symptoms of late are the valium (which we can change!) and not the cancer. If it's the cancer, I'm afraid she'll just throw in the towel this time, for good.

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Missy, my little cornfed piglet riding a John Deere Tractor in the Springtime rain and black Iowa mud!

Momma's gonna be a very happy gal driving around in her new Dodge. Very smart to buy a new car. A new car feels good no matter what. If she is a bit down, this will perk her up a bit. Maybe not exactly today, but tomorrow or the day after.

I bought a new car too (paid cash) a couple months post diagnosis, the 2nd brand new car I had ever had in my life. This one had all the bells and whistles on it. It has been one of the best purchases of my life.

Crossing stuff that the tests turn out really really good, Miss..

Please let us know when you find out, okay?


Cindi o'h

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