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I am so sad and scared today

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My mom is having a chest scan today after 3 rounds of taxotere. I am going with her on Thursday to get the results.

She has been in alot of pain and is continuing to get weaker and lose weight. Now as I am reading through my own words it is looking more familiar as I continue to catch up on all the sad news here today. I am so sad and scared.

I am offering this little prayer,

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today I ask that you hold us all close as we spend this time with the the people we love SO deeply. PLease give us the strength to help care for them and the clarity and forethought to tell them everything that needs to be said.

Let us have no regrets and help us to live with the understanding that we will all be together again, healthy and whole.

We are a large group of hurting people, and only you know how many more are out there without the support system that we have. I pray for them too Dear God.

In Jesus Name,


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So many of us understand what it s like to worry so much about our moms. Take each day as it comes and remember to breathe. This journey is full of ups and downs...praying that you have a "up" after the scans.

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I understand what you mean by being scared and afraid. Everybody here has been in your shoes. Be strong for your mother. A mother can sense fear you know. Be strong and that will help her more than anything. Lean on our shoulder and let us worry for you. Be sure to post the results which I just know will be good. Smile. :)

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If the BAD NEws scares you you may want to check out the GOOD News forum. Think Positive and I will also throw in aaprayer with everyone else for you and Mom. PRayers and Good Luck.

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I'm sorry to hear that it is one of those 'rough' days that all of us on this journey have. It would be foolish to think that you can stay positive ALL the time.

That is why this place is so near and dear to us. We can share our ups and downs.....and when we need to be lifted up we just have to lean on our friends here.

I am hoping that Thursday will bring you and your Mom good news and that will give her something to hold on to. I know just a little hope can be the beginning of a miracle.

Please let us know how things go on Thursday.

PS...I hope the next couple days go by so, so quickly for you!!!!!

Warm Hugs,


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I think I could have written you post myself. Well almost. I don't think tonight I have the strength to have the kind of grace and dignity it takes to write the beautiful prayer you wrote.

My Keith also is getting the results of his CT scan of his thoracic cavity tomorrow. He too is in a lot of pain, he's so weak, and he's losing weight.

I'm scared, I'm sad.

My heart is with yours tonight Kim. We hurt together.

I am praying for your mom to get good results tomorrow.

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