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Need prayers for my Mom


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My 91-year old mother is in the hospital for the second time in a month, in Maryland. She's been living alone; called my sister because she felt there was something wrong. Sister found her confused and unable to express her thoughts. Admitted to hospital for about a week. CT scan, EKG, MRI, ultrasound and all tests found nothing wrong - with the exception of blood pressure elevated but not dangerously. Confusion lasted only one day. Perhaps a mini-stroke. No paralysis, or other physical signs, and her mind returned to her former stage of alertness very quickly.

I flew back and stayed two weeks with her in her apartment. Luckily I have four sisters in my hometown and they all take turns helping her, but I was the one who could actually stay 24/7 with her. They all have husbands and obligations that make overnight away from home difficult.

Home health nurse and therapists have been coming two or three times a week and were pleased with her progress. I flew home on Sunday morning, and this morning got a call that she's back in the hospital. Same thing -- confusion -- she dropped the phone while talking to one of my sisters and was still sitting with it in her lap when they got to her house. This time her blood pressure was outrageously high. 193 over 120! ER gave her blood pressure meds and within hours it was back to a normal range. They're keeping her a few days for observation. Pretty sure this will mean the end of her living alone (she's in a senior housing building with a panic button and handicap access for walkers, etc.)

Please pray for her recovery and for a good solution to her living situation. I dread the thought of a nursing home, but she really resists living with any of her children because she doesn't want to be a burden.

All positive vibes appreciated.

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Glo, of course I will remember your Mother in my prayers. How sad to hear that this bright, independent woman may need to give up some of that independence. Do they have assisted living facilities in the complex where she lives? She may not need a nursing home, just a step up from her current apartment.

Keep us posted.

How are you doing?

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You may want to look into the pssibility of a Masonic Home if it is possible near you. We have one and that is where my parents want to be if th need arises. Must be a good facility. Will say prayers and hope all is well with your mom!

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Praying that the doctors get to the source of your Mom's difficulties. Perhaps these are mini strokes that she's experiencing. When she is more "herself" again you might consider having your sisters and you and Mom discuss long term care. This way if the need arises you'll know what her wishes are. 91 years is a long time to be on this earth and she deserves happiness everyday. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Joanie ((()))

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