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Mom surprisingly got her first chemo treatment....


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Hello everyone, I now know why I feel so confident in my mom's doctor. They called her Friday after she got the results of the lung biopsy and made an appt. for her to go in yesterday to see the doctor. She was hell bent to go by herself but, I told her I needed to be there to hear what he had to say and I had some questions for him. We were under the impression that we were going to discuss treatment options being, we don't meet with the radiation oncologist until next week. The nurse brings us in and ask my mom about prescription drug coverage and said the doctor will be in shortly and then they are going to move her into the other room. This baffled us, so the doctor came in and again asked about her drug insurance and said he is going to start her on two chemo med's and they are very expensive. He answered our questions and led us to another room. They started mom on VP 16 (Etoposide) and said they can get the Paraplatin in pill form but, we won't be able to get it for a day or two.

So our 20 minute visit with the doctor turned into a 3 1/2 hour visit. Mom did good and they did give her something for nausea in her IV before giving her the VP 16. They called in a prescription for her also. I was so unprepared for this my daughter and I had planned on taking a CPR class at the hospital from 6-10 pm for her 4-H camp counselor program. So we didn't get out of the doctors office until 5:30pm, I had to have my husband find a ride home from work because his truck was in the shop and I actually had to call and have someone come and get me during moms chemo to go pick it up, drop it off at home, and bring me back to the doctors office. I had to have him come and get her and take her to the pharmacy to get her med's, sit with her because we were unsure how she was going to be feeling. I then had to run home get her car and go to her house. My daughter stayed the night with her just to make sure she was ok.

Her chemo schedule is every 3 weeks for 6 courses of the VP 16 and every chemo treatment she will take 8 Paraplatin for 2 days. The doctor didn't want to wait any longer for treatment or for radiation to start. He did tell us the mass is wrapped around her pulmonary artery and wanted to treat it as soon as possible. So our battle has started and we are praying it works.

Does anyone out there have any experience with these med's and have any feed back on them. I would greatly appreciate it...thanks Jessica

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Hey Jessica,

I also took Etoposide--but with Cisplatin. I think it is normally added to a platinum type drug. Also, chemo effects people differently so it's hard to say what you should expect. I would talk to the onc. about it. However, my side effects were nausea and fatigue mainly but I also had radiation during chemo. Very aggressive treatment.

Hope this helps and prayers for you and your mom!!!

God BLess!!


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Have you had a second opinion??

After 5 years of this--everyone I talk with and everything I have read says 2 chemos such as Cisplatin or Carboplatin are added to another chemo drug-such as VP-16, Camptosar and I think there are a few others.

You might want to check into this. Ask her Dr why only the one.

Glad she is starting tho.


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Cindy, the doctor is involved in a lot of clinical trials and he said mom's type of cancer and location this will work the fastest. He called her yesterday morning and asked how she slept and if her breathing was any better, she said that was the first night in a month that she didn't wake up coughing all night. He seemed to think the chemo was kicking in and killing the cancer cells and called in a prescription to start flushing her kidneys out. She seemed a lot better yesterday, not so short of breath, or coughing all the time....We will see how her blood work comes back next week to see if there are any changes. Thanks for the imput, we did ask and he was pretty adament about it....Jess

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Here is response from the residential researcher

Etoposide may also be available by pill because that is what Deb was on for her LAST regimen.

The prescribed PARAPLATIN is actually PARAPLATIN® (carboplatin aqueous solution) INJECTION But in pill form.

So she is getting 2 CHEMOS Deb only had the Etoposide which did help while she was on it at the time.


PARAPLATIN ® (carboplatin for injection) should be administered under the supervision of a qualified physician experienced in the use of cancer chemotherapeutic agents. Appropriate management of therapy and complications is possible only when adequate treatment facilities are readily available.

Bone marrow suppression is dose related and may be severe, resulting in infection and/or bleeding. Anemia may be cumulative and may require transfusion support. Vomiting is another frequent drug-related side effect.

Anaphylactic-like reactions to PARAPLATIN have been reported and may occur within minutes of PARAPLATIN administration. Epinephrine, corticosteroids, and antihistamines have been employed to alleviate symptoms

Does she take anything for nausea or for Strength being first round. Deb had Dexamethasone an Lorezapam in addition to her Chemo. Get an organizer to carry with you. Write down questions, Meds, Apptmnts and results of apptmnts. Bring to every visit. Keep track of everything at home and check to avoid double billing from Hospital sometimes they do this but not on purpose.PM me if you need anything or posthere 2x a day usually. Saying a prayer. 8)

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Randy thanks for the info. They did tell us what to look for and gave us a booklet to read. He did call in some nausea medicine and another to flush her kidneys out. My daughter has stayed with her the last few days and is taking care of her, playing nurse. Her doctor is involved with a few different things concerning chemo. He personally called her yesterday morning to see how she was feeling and again told her what to keep an eye out for. I do have all of her records and medical bills as they come in and I am in the process of putting it together for my brother and sister to keep at their houses...I will be asking I am sure a lot of questions here in the few weeks...thanks again Jessica

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Hey Jess,

So glad to hear the doctors are moving so fast with you mom and treating her aggressively.

My husband had VP-16 and Carboplatin as his second line chemo. He tolerated it really well and really did not have much in the way of lowered blood counts. He was nauseous for about 2-3 days following chemo, but was still able to eat and be up and about. He just took it a bit easier.

Tell your mom to rest, take things slow and easy. Drink plenty of liquids and keep up with the nausea meds. Eat when possible even if it is small amounts spread out through the day instead of 3 regular sized meals.

Prayers that all goes well.

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