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Scared of Chemo


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Well, chemo is a very scary thing. It is like putting poison in one's body, hoping to kill the cancer and not the host! But, you can tell your father that my wife has weathered 4 different chemo protocols and is still going fine after 3 1/2 years. All of them have worked for a time and given her more time. Best to you and dad. Don

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Share this with your dad. :D

My Dad's greatest concern after diagnosis was that he would leave this world bald. As vain as he is, this was his biggest worry in regards to chemo. He wanted the chemo, it offered him a chance to continue living.

He breezed through treatments. Loved the steriod rush at the beginning of a cycle and got all kinds of things done! Towards the end of the week he was fatiqued but new anti-nausea drugs and cell boosting drugs staved off the sick feeling.

Radiation was a bit tougher for him. He had radiation combined with his 2nd chemo treatment and the fatigue became more dense. He slept it off and now he's doing fine. Small cell grows so fast, it's possible your Dad would feel worse by the progression of disease than he would during chemo.

When my Dad received news he had no evidence of disease, he walked out of the oncology department with arms outstretched saying "that was too easy!".

He knocked on wood of course. Give your Dad our regards.

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I am sorry your father is feeling so much anxiety. And I'm sorry you have to feel the pain that comes with seeing someone you love so much scared. I don't think a daughter should ever see her daddy scared.

But I think that the stigma of chemo is much worse now that the reality. Chemo is shown in movies and is thought to be this totally debilitating poison that makes a person so sick that it is almost worse than death.

This may have been the case a few years ago. But it is not the case now.

I lost an uncle and an aunt to LC about 6 years ago. I remember my aunt telling me that she knew more about her toilet than any plumber ever would. She was so sick and so weak and in incredible pain.

I was afraid for my husband when he started chemo. But he had something she didn't, which is access to new and powerful anti-emetic drugs. With his first few chemo cycles, he said he only felt minor side effects that were similar to having a mild hangover that lasted a day or two. That's all. Heck, after his first dose, he came home and painted our entire 1st floor alone.

He's now gone through something like 7 different chemo combinations spanning 3 years. The first year and a half to 2 years weren't so bad, but the chemo is cumulative in the body, and therefore he doesn't bounce back as quickly. Now, he feels nausea and instead of lasting 2 days it lasts about 4-5. Not enough for him to ever complain about. The only major complaint he has now is extreme fatigue.

What he needs to know is that now there are a lot of things available to make chemo less scary, less discomforting, and more tolerable so they can do more aggressive treatments and kick that cancer out of him.

Also remind him, DRINK LOTS OF WATER OR JUICES. Hydration, hydration, hydration. Its one of the biggest factors in dealing with chemo.

Prayers being said for you dad.

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Tell your dad that I too second the others here.

I had 9 months of chemo in 2001 and 6 months in 2003. Yes I was more tired, bald and had a few off days. BUT!!! I would do it again in a second.

There are meds now for the nausea that you take BEFORE it hits so you don't get sick.

Encourage him to talk with the Dr about these.

Good luck


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I keep on top of drugs for chemo and can tell you there is a lot of research going on just for clinical trials. If i posted every clinical trial I would have more posts than the General Board here and that is big. There is also a lot for side effects and Complementive alternative going on. We are reaching a crossroads right now in time with this disease. Need Info? Just ask. We are always here to help.

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