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Lucky Again!


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Spent the past couple of days in Bethesda, MD at the National Institutes of Health where I received my tx and surgery. Once again I am pleased to report that my surgeon declared NED a friend of mine STILL :lol: !

My euphoria is tempered by the news of my niece, Tracy, and her adeno/BAC dx :( . I learned today, upon my return home, that surgery may now NOT be an option depending on a procedure to determine the extent of her lymph node involvement. There is a chance she will be restged from 3A to either 3B or 4.

Thank you those who actually remember when these scans are taking place for me. I appreciate all the well wishes you have sent. Thank you also............all of you who have sent words of encouragement and actual help with regard to Tracy. She is not yet to the point of reaching out, but when she is, I bet some of you will be hearing from her.

Sorry I sort of mixed the good with the bad here. But gotta say also that I just LOVE all of you guys to pieces. I don't know where I would be........or what I would do........... without all of you. Will be needing you all again in about 3 weeks when Fred's nodule scan takes place :roll: !



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Boy, I don't know how to feel. Just a jumble of emotions. On the one hand I am so ecstatic for you. I think you are a dear and wonderful person and I am so happy your are still NED.

But I am so very very sorry to hear about Tracy. I can't bear hearing about all the new cases that are coming up. It is just breaking my heart.

All I can say is that I will keep her in my prayers that she have just as great of a success as her aunt Kasey.

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Kasey I am so happy for you, we love NED! Your niece is blessed to have you in her life, I hope she also keeps searching for the best treatment possible. She has you as an inspiration.

Donna G

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I'm SO very happy for you and your test results. May they ALL be good news. I am sorry that your niece is having to deal with this but please know that she's in my prayers.

I saw your reply to my test results post and I would love to hang out at the pub and get to know you better too.

I'll catch up with you tomorrow.


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