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House & Senate Resolutions need YOU!


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My apologies once again for being so long off the board - but I do have a good excuse :) I have been very involved with Lung Cancer Alliance and just returned from the DC conference. I wish each and every one of you could have been in the room when Senators Hagel and Clinton (then later in the day Rep. Shaw) announced their sponsorship of S.Res 408 and H.Res 739. It was overwhelming. Lung Cancer Alliance has pulled off a miracle to get this ball rolling.

Now is the time for all of us to really roll up our sleeves and get to work. This is only a start. If we want it to succeed, we MUST rally support from every person, organization, etc. with whom we have contact. Please contact your state senators and respective representatives and ask everyone you know to do so. If you would like, you can email me and I will send you a sample letter with simple links to send email to your legislators (e-mails are preferred over "snail mail" due to security reasons).

This is about investing a few minutes of your time to effect major changes for lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Alliance very much needs your support. I can tell you that LCA has extremely gifted, dedicated leadership in DC - but they simply cannot do it on their own. This is an opportunity never before seen in lung cancer - please don't let it slip away.

I can tell you how much this work has helped me deal with the anger and frustration of our lung cancer experience. This is a way to really fight back. Please join us.

Joyce Neifert

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Thanks for the great response! Wash. DC will certainly be hearing from us.

Here are steps you can take:

1) Send emails (or phone calls) to both senators and your representative in the House.

2) Contact your local media. Don't just rely on the major outlets - even local stories sometimes get picked up by the major groups. Try to get them interested in the resolutions and offer to tell your story. Please make sure they include Lung Cancer Alliance's name so that it is clear who is pushing the legislation and LCA can provide them with accurate information. Remind them that this is historic. This is the equivalent to the beginnings of the HIV/AIDS and breast cancer movements. If you would like, you can get a press release from LCA.

3) Send an email/letter or call every family member, friend, organization you know and ask them to lend their support and pass the word on to their contacts.

4) Ask those who might be interested in charitable donations to consider doing so for LCA. They desperately need funds for advertising, materials, etc. Remind them that while donations for research are critical, Lung Cancer Alliance's work will leverage $MILLIONS if successful.

5) Contact LCA and ask them to send your contact information to whomever is working for LCA in your state. If you don't have an active group - start one. If you are in California, contact me at j-neifert@earthlink.net.

As LCA President Laurie Fenton states, lung cancer is at its "tipping point." We just need to push it a bit more to reach the summit and watch it take off. As Tina says, "LET'S DO IT!"

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I thank you so very much for all of your efforts. I cannot tell you how impressed I am.

I will contact the state politians and put in my nickel's worth.

I think this is very exciting, like you. I think this is a roll and it needs to be carried by ALL of us in each of our states.

God Bless.

Cindi o'h

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