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My Parents Left Today...

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Today my parents left to go back home :cry: We had a wonderful visit. I felt like a parent watching their child go of to college. I remember how I went away from home for college and then moved across the country to "find myself"... and I imagine that is how my Mom and Dad are feeling.. I asked them to come back and visit in September but they didn't seem like they "would"... seems they have alot to do! Dreams to dream.. life to live.. they have given so much to their family and now that cancer has 'shaken' their world they want to love and experience life. I cried at first as i was devasted... i couldn't help but take it personally :cry: As now more than ever I want to bond with them ... both of them.. in this past week i have experienced them in a new way...I love them so much it is painful.. Then i thought about Rosannes post about Gianni walking to the store... and i thought.. I can stake them out on their travels!!! :lol: I could rent the cottage next door.. hehehe... I hope that the love they have for me will always keep them coming back.. and if not i will fly to them! I will always be there if they need me and God forbid if they get sick.. I will be right there to protect them... God bless my parents.. they are the most precious gift to my life .... and God bless us all as we take this journey...


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Laurie, parents are a special gift. I am glad the visit was a good one, and I know it is sad to part. We are lucky to have two of our three children in Houston and one is in Dallas, not too far away. Yesterday, when we went out for Lucie's birthday, I made sure our son and our daughter sat on each side of her, so she could reach out and touch them. The son from Dallas couldn't make it, but he called. It was a perfect day for her. Revel in all the good memories of the visit. Don

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ohh Laurie,

I could feel the pain that you felt by reading your post and it made me gratefull that my mommy is here with me. I think I kind of took for granted that my mom is here, I never thought about what it would be like if she wasn't.

Thanks for the reality check, no matter what I go through, I have to remember the good.

I have to agree..... what a good daughter you are. They must know how much you love them, I do, and I don't even know you.

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Guest DaveG

Now from the Parent's side:

When I had both my surgeries, both were done at the hospital that adjoins the clinic where our daughter works as an Audiologist. Through the first 4 floors of the hospital, the hospital and clinic are connected by ramps. Our daughter works on the 4th floor of the clinc, and I was on the 4th floor of the hospital. That couldn't have been easier for her, as she didn't have to leave floors to visit me. With my second surgery, my wife had to return home and I was left by myself, under the care of our daughter. The day I was discharged, our daughter took me to her home for the night, until my wife was able to come and get me the next day. I felt so sorry for our daughter, as she cooked some homemade chicken soup for me. I was only able to get a couple of spoons down and then upchucked the whole thing and whatever else was in my stomach. I felt so sorry for her, as she had made this special soup for her dad.

So, you see it can be hard on the parents side as well. I told our daughter, that next time she can cook soup for me and I'll eat it, just as long as she doesn't do that after another surgery.

As you Laurie, that seperation is hard on both sides. By the way, this is the daughter who will having a baby in September, at the same hospital where I had my surgery. I told my wife, it be her turn to have us go and visit her after the baby is born.


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Hi Lauri....Your posting made cry when I read it. I had to leave my mom and dad in florida a couple of days ago and am feeling how you are as well. I was just telling my husband that I feel I need to be there with them. It is strange how cancer really makes you evaluate what really is important. My parents have been going to florida for the past 10 years for the winter months it never really bothered me before, but its just like you said life just seems so different now...I remember when my kids left for college 3 years ago, empty nest hit me bad, I think this has that same empty feeling....oh well I just wanted to let you know you're not alone......cathy

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