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Help! I'm like an obsessed lunatic....

Guest Sally

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I'm sorry to keep posting endless questions but, as the title suggests, I'm getting pretty obsessed with everything about lung cancer.

They say "knowledge is power" but I think that "knowledge can help you cope".

I'm going through a real rollercoaster :D:cry::twisted::o:(:shock: these days. My baby brother was diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma in May. I'm beyond heartbroken. I have days when I KNOW he'll be the one to beat it - and other days where all I can do is cry.

He's getting on with his life after the chemo. He has such a great attitude, but I think that's down to ignorance more than being positive.

Right now, I'm obsessing about his "stage"? The information I have found on the internet is contradictory, so I wanted to ask you, the experts.

Cancer is in the right lung, spread to the outer glands and diaphragm. Is this II or III. I know this sounds trivial but I NEED to know.

Slightly Bonkers from Worrying!


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So, so sorry that your brother is going through this -- it truly is a family disease -- affects everyone in it's path.....

As far as the staging, you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out -- or you can ask his doctor! Has anyone in your family directly asked that question of him/her? They are usually pretty forthecoming with that information.

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