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Husband had seizure on right side Tuesday night


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Went to hospital and they checked his dilantin level and it was very low. He now takes twice a day a total of 4 pills (100mg). Since he has been home he is very weak and fatigued.

My husband has always had a tummy (not to big) but last night was the first time I've seen him nude in about 3 weeks (helping him with shower) and his stomach is huge. He says it's because he's gaining weight and thats not true. He has no pain in tummy area but it's really bloated looking. Plus his right ear feels like it's blocked and this has been for over a month. Not sure if it's from the whole brain radiation or cancer. The doctor didn't see any wax buildup.

He goes again Monday for blood work on dilantin and Tuesday to see general doctor.

Has anyone any idea about a swollen tummy?


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Lindy " Has anyone any idea about a swollen tummy?

Thanks "

Lindy :

L/T higher dose corticosteroid use can cause abdominal distention. Liver disease / damage can produce abdominal distention ( ascites ). I don't really see anything in your post or bio to indicate these causes but you know the case specifics well enough to know whether either of these causes are possible. If so, inform the doc accordingly.

Good luck.


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If it was my Husband I would request a cat-scan of the stomach.. My Dad stomach was swollen and it was the Cancer, I'm not saying thats what going on with your Husband but be safe and not sorry.. My Mother, My sister and myself keeping beating ourselves up over the fact that my Dads stomach was so swollen and we thought it was the steroids.. Maybe just maybe he would have had a chance if we didn't wait.. So play it safe!


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He eats every meal, not alot but he does eat. Love's sweets. Coffee with lots of milk is his favorite now. His taste changes all the time on what he likes. Goes to the bathroom with no problem and has no pain anywhere. Just very very weak.

He does not take any pain medication at all. Takes steroids, dilantin, previcit (something for tummy before he takes steroids,spelled it wrong) and sometimes something for his mouth when he gets that yeast infection from the steroids.

I'll ask the doctor Tueday when we go.

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I was on Decadron (steroid) from Nov. 05 til just a couple of weeks ago. The steroid will make you swell in neck, face, stomach and legs. It retains water in the soft tissue of the body. It really bloats a person and the longer on them the more it bloats you. Remember how bloated Jerry Lewis was? It was from the steroids his doctor's had him taking.

Ask your doctor and maybe he can suggest a diruretic to reduce the swelling. Then he'll have to eat a banana every day so his Potassium levels don't drop... I am not a doctor, please discuss with his doctor. Wishing you the best and in my prayers...


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