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Apple Cider Vinegar promotes weight loss


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I take it three times a day before meals. Its hard to say if the energy is still from the ACV or just my hyper active self. I am very hyper in the mronings and by 3 pm I am crawling on the floor at my office. I drink allot of green tea and diet red bull too so that may be it too.

I exercise daily. I am a 3 mile a day runner and i kick box and weight lift 3 times a week but even with all that, I have not lost 1 single ounce. Nothing, nodda, zip, zilch, the big goose egg.

but then again I loveeeeee candy.

BUT i have not gained either. Its like my scale only goes to one weight and never fluxuates.

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I don't think we should quit. These kinds of things often can take 3-4 months for results to be noticeably seen (chiropractor says that a lot, anyway). Plus, you gal, are really fit -- I had the non-budge weight loss when I worked out like that too (but I converted fat into muscle doing that). You aren't gonna lose muscle and muscle weighs more than fat -- losing any inches anywhere though? For you, that may be your first sign rather than pounds.

Re: heartburn. That may be from your consumption of it "straight". At first I had that when I went the straight route, but it went away when I mixed it with the water and honey. I know you don't like honey, but the bottle says you can use maple syrup or blackstrap molasses also....just a thought there.

I have only been taking it once a day, in the am so far and for not as long as you -- I really should get to the 3 times per day like the bottle says. Plus, I think the vinegar aroma I am getting is because I am not using the full amount of water they say to use and I am probably not consuming enough water in general these days.


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Ok will try it with water again. maybe flaovred water will help. I cant do maple syrup and I dont know what blackstrap molasses is really.

I have lost 15 inches since running I started running in February. I started kick boxing just the first week of March and i always tell my husband I am gonna use my super girl kick boxing moves on him to keep him in line.

I know the inches is good, but i REALLLLLYYYYYY want to see the scale go down. Its like that number justifies who I am as a person. This number is too high so I am a bad, ugly, chub head. BUT if the number went down I would be a hot, gorgeous fem fatale.

just as a funny thoght. my rabbit runs around my treadmill when I am running and sometimes he tries to jump up with me and I am running at 6 miles per hour so the second he hits the belt he FLIES across the room. It sounds cruel but its funny as hell to see it.

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Cindi...I think everything that says organic and comes from a health food store automatically raises the price. This is the "raw" form of vinegar, without all the processing to make it "sanitary." wouldn't you think that would make it less expensive that the store brands? I guess fermenting and the time it takes has something to do with it.

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Shellie, you should video that flying bun for America's Funniest Animals....may you can use the cash if you win to buy us all organic ACV. Ha ha!

I love the image of your bunny in a treadmill. So cool!

I know what you mean about working out and not seeing the scale go down. I don't work out as much as you do and I hate to run....I am very strong and am thinking about adding the kickboxing to my routine. I have my dad's physique. Short and broad with a buddha belly. I do tons of sit ups to no avail....I think my problem I have never met a martini or a french fry I didn't like.

If ya'll all start dropping the pounds then I will try some ACV. Keep posting, ok?

Much love, Eppie

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