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Very confused about the staging

Guest Kayl

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My mom's pulmonologist is who initially made her diagnosis based on Xrays, biopsy and scans. From there we went straight to the rad oncologist after her 6 week hospitalization with pneumonia. He would never give us his opinion on her stage. I don't know how important this is in the grand scheme of things.

I've done a lot of reading online about this, to try to understand how NSCLC is staged. I asked the pulmonologist several months ago if he could help me to understand. He told me my mom was stage IV, due to the fact that she had independent tumors in both lungs and one responded to therapies, and one lung didn't.

It's all so confusing to me! Since my sister goes with my mom on the occasions I can't be there, she's gotten some info I haven't, for instance, I was never aware that my mom had 2 tumors in one lung and 3 in another. So I'm assuming that has something to do with staging as well? And does the success or failure of individual treatment therapies affect it too?


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