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How Does Stable Sound??


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Not only stable...but WITHOUT treatment for the last couple months, some improvement in the left side!!! (whatever that means) We're truely celebrating STABLE!!!

And those pesky symptoms of fatigue and leg weakness...her onc agreed were most assuredly from the Valium...so out the window that goes!!! Mom said she'd rather have leg cramps then feel like pooh all the time! My step-father even jokingly asked the dr. if he could give Mom some speed now 'cause he's tired of doing the dishes! :lol:

*Big Deep Breath* and on we go!!!

Thanks all for your support and prayers...I seriously think they help so much!

Hugsssss and prayers...

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Oh crap! With all the excitement of Mom being stable, I forgot to add that WE BROKE GROUND ON THE HOUSE TODAY!! LOL I'm such a ditz...or a BBIBB...as my best friend would say! (Blond brain in a brunette body!)

Thanks ALL for your encouragement!

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