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My Gramma's gonna be on the news tonight!


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(Well, the local news...)

We've had a week of weather ups and downs, up in the 50s and sunny... Today, lunch time brought pouring rain and then snow (yes, SNOW!). At dinner time, my mother had to run up to her mother's "old folks high-rise home"...the apartment right next door to my gramma caught on fire! Fire stations from all over responded (we live in a small town, they're all-volunteer stations and ALL the surrounding areas are ready to respond if needed).

TV stations were everywhere, a big deal in THIS town - and my gramma was interviewed. Of course, she'll be on the 11:00 news since this happened AFTER the evening news - but she won't be staying up to watch herself on TV. She's been on TV before (LOL), when a flippin' bear walked through her front yard and into the center of the town. :roll:

Crazy woman....she's a tough one.

The arson team was going through the burned out apartment - the woman who lives there wasn't home and it's highly suspicious. Gramma's going to be spending some time at my parents' house, so I'll have someone else to yap with when I go over for my Saturday morning coffee tomorrow...

Never a dull moment...her guardian angel is getting overtime tonight! :wink:

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