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Havn't heard from Hebbie about the Readers Digest article in July, but I know the book for July should come out sometime in June. So keep a look out.

Hebbie if you read this please let us know.

Well....I just completed an pretty in-depth interview with a journalist for Reader's Digest. The story will be running in their July issue. They are focusing on the non-smoking female w/ LC angle (based on Dana Reeve's recent passing). I was shocked to hear that Reader's Digest has 20 MILLION readers, so that SHOULD be a pretty big forum to spread the word of our need to focus on research and funding!! I DID mention our wonderful website here, I am hoping she puts it in the article.

Maryanne :wink:

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How do they contact you for these articles. Are you referred? Glad they found you, need all the exposure we can get... We need a cure!!!

Hello everyone! Karen - to answer your question -- Reader's Digest actually found me from a local article featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. They were looking for a non-smoker with LC and one of their contacts recalled reading my story...the rest is history!

However -- a lot has transpired since I did that interview. Since then, they also sent a video crew to my house to film a segment for a video filled with "inspiring stories" to run in 4,000 hospital/cancer treatment waiting rooms across the country!

The article also spawned a trip to Rochester, NY to film an episode of the PBS show "Second Opinion", which will focus on lung cancer and run sometime in October!

The media is slowly coming around - let's keep this momentum going!!! Don't be afraid to reach out to your local publications and share your story -- we CAN make a difference!

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