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"Remember me"....a poem


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"Remember Me" by Debbie Ann Walters

To the living,

I am gone.

To the sorrowful,

I will never return.

To the angry,

I was cheated.

But to the happy,

I am at peace.

And to the faithful,

I have never left.

I cannot speak,

But I can listen.

I cannot be seen,

But I can be heard.

So as you stand upon a shore,

Gazing at a beautiful sea-

Remember me.

As you look in awe at a mighty

Forest and its grand majesty-

Remember me.

Remember me in your heart,

Your thoughts,

And your memories

Of the times we cried,

The times we fought,

The times we laughed.

For if you always think of me,

I will have never gone.

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