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Sweet Kitty Pics just because i like them


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Yep, Miss Cindy, Gotta spread the love. Gotta make hay while the sun shines. Gotta make the donuts.

Just gotta do what I gotta do. Tonight I gave my kitties a flea/tick bath. The frontt line flea and tick medicene i ordered is coming on Friday and I hate to pull ticks. Jack was very stoic. Lewis cried a little. They were shedding big time and had a few ticks. I just had to go and do it.

Much love,


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Thanks for the kitty lift, eppie -- kitties always melt my heart (had them around my whole life and our two hang around me 24/7 while my mom has been gone since last Dec....one of them is hers -- he has latched onto me big time, to the despair of my own kitty!). Cat fights in bed.... :cry: ...not fun.

Flea/tick bath? How do you manage that one? Does it involve actual water? :shock: -- mine won't go near a bath, even if I just think to do such a thing... :( ... it's flea bombing for the whole house here if those critters make an appearance.... :?


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