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Update on Karen

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Hello everyone, this is Laura, Karen and Ken's daughter. I have started my own account here, and wanted to give you all an update on my mom. Since dad passed away on 3/13/06, mom has been keeping busy. She is an amazing woman, and has been amazingly strong. She has gone back to work and is staying in close touch with me and her family in Florida. Basically, considering the circumstances, she is doing ok. I know she thinks about all of you, and I'm sure she will post again soon, when she is feeling a little stronger. Thanks to all for the concern. You are in our prayers.

God's Blessings,

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Thanks for letting us know how she is doing. It is so hard to lose someone you love as much as you loved your dad.

Believe me I know. Many here know how much it hurts but we also work hard to move on and help others here at the LCSC.

Thanks for thinking about us enough to let us know Karen is doing well and keeping busy.

Big hugs to you and yours,


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Hi Laura,

Just let her know how much we miss her and care.

She is an amazing womman, she has given so much of herself here while she was going through the dilemmas with you dad.

Peace to all of you. I will keep your mom in my prayers. I am glad that she went back to work, keeping busy is always a help.

My condolences to you Laura, it must be so hard being so far away from your mom.


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