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April 10 wedding anniversary.


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April 10 is our wedding anniversary. We met at the beach had a long distance realtionship. We got marrried he left his beloved Seattle and moved to California to be with me. We laughed, we disagreed, we agreed, we become a partnership and soulship that accomplished alot. He gave me a rose for every year of marriage so this year I get 7 roses.

Today will be 30 days since he died. I miss him terribly. There are some that say to me you are young and can have another relationship. I don't want another relationship. I wanted to continue the one I have.

Grieving is hard and wrenching at times.

Today I will go outside and let the wind blow the sink off of me. That is what Ed would say to me when we stayed indoors too long. We have to get out and have the stink blown off of us.

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I know the pain you are feeling today. After losing a loved one, these special dates are really hard to face alone. I think you should go out and buy yourself eight beautiful roses...seven for the seven years you had with the love of your life and one to represent the next year ahead. Make today a day to remember some of the many beautiful memories you made during the wonderful time the two of you spent together. I know how hard this is to do...

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I am dreading all those future anniversaries too. At Ken's memorial service his best friend pointed out a beautiful flower arrangement, a dozen long stemmed roses. He said they were from Ken, he told him to get them for me when the time came. He always gave me roses. I dried 6 of them and dipped them in a glaze, they are next to his picture, I will keep them forever.

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I am so sorry you are having a tough day. The anniversarys are always so hard.

Just know that he is looking down upon you and missing you and loving you so much.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

So sorry for your tremendous loss.


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