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Update on Tim and the move to Idaho


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Hello all,

I haven't posted in awhile - it's been crazy around here!!! Last update was Tim had a liver ultrasound, and it was negative. His oncologist in Columbus did however take him off Tarceva due to the body rash, fever and increased levels from the urine test. Meanwhile, Tim and the 2 boys drove from Columbus Ohio to Sandpoint Idaho last week, stopping at Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone. We see a new oncologist tomorrow so hopefully we can start on the Tarceva again. A little scared though, because this morning when he coughed, he had a little tinge of blood. Just how it started. The only other thing is that he's had bloody sinus's since starting chemo, so we're hoping that has something to do with it.

He is feeling well though - went skiing on Saturday....

Just wanted to update you all - I'll let you know what the new oncolgist says.

Thanks for being there.......

God Bless you all


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Hi Sandra: it sounds like Tim and the boys had a fun trip.

Most likely, the blood is from his sinuses. I coughed up some old blood (dark) for a week or so and then it went away. I think it came from dietary blood thinners I was taking. I stopped the blood thinners for a while and no longer had the dark bloody spit. I think my sinuses got a little bloody.

I hope you enjoy the Idaho experience. I have spent some time there on forest fire assignments and liked it (except for the smoke).

Don M

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