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Headaches, possibilities and needles...


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Having had tingles in my legs for almost a week, I made an appointment with my GP to see if she had any ideas on what was happening. She examined my feet for reflexes and pulse and said that there doesn't appear to be any damage to my lower back since I have all the right responses to knee hammering and push/pull testing...

She's pretty thorough and started asking other questions and asked if I'd been experiencing headaches - as a matter of fact! Not a migraine every day, but about four out of five days. She suggested a brain CT due to possible mets from the disease. Since she managed an appointment an hour later, my guess is she saw it as something important to know...

...and as of Tuesday afternoon, my husband has been able to tell people that my head was examined and nothing was found! Clear scan, but now that I think of it, that's gotta be a hanging offense for my husband in SOME state...think I'll go HANG a "kick me" sign over his fanny! :lol::lol:

Still don't know the trigger of the headaches, but MAYBE it's "stress"....nah, I ain't got no stinkin' stress! :wink:

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Your post just reminded me--we have been doing graduate student orientation this week, and we gave them a packet of information. Someone stuck in a self-test about stress in your life. For fun this afternoon, I took it. The results? I have mild stress in my life. That included major illness, husband losing job, and financial concerns. I wonder what you have to have go wrong to have moderate stress? The whoel thing struck me as very funny.

Glad to hear your good news.


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I've taken some of those stress tests and my thought on it is that they are geared toward the group they are given to. I'll just bet that if you went back through all the questions and answered as a grad student would, your calculated stress level would SOAR ('cuz goodness knows, a possibly terminal disease and financial distress can't be stressors!). Oh wait, and then there's the day-to-day living, like kids, driving in traffic, appliance meltdown....

Ahhhhh, for the days of self-indulgence commonly called youth...Ick, wait a minute, I just had a high school flashback and have remembered why I NEVER want to have to go through THAT again! :shock: Bad thing about reliving elementary school would be facing "Hormone High" :!: again.

Calgon, take me away....chaos, sweet chaos!

Onward, irony break is over for the day.


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