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Several days ago, I wrote to my Senators and Rep, asking them to support S Res 408 and H Res 739. Here is my first reply - from Senator Barbara Boxer:

Dear Ms. Anderson:

Thank you for writing to me in support of increased federal funding for medical research. I appreciate hearing from you about this vital issue, and I share your views about the importance and urgency of finding better ways to treat diseases.

I am proud to have co-sponsored the Specter-Harkin amendment, which the Senate approved on March 16, 2006. This bipartisan amendment would restore $7 billion in funding to the National Institutes on Health (NIH) and other programs.

Medical research has led to tremendous advances in our ability to understand, diagnose, cure, and prevent diseases. I strongly believe that research is an invaluable tool for discovering lifesaving treatments, and it helps to provide better, more accessible, and more affordable health care for all Americans.

For this reason, I am a strong advocate of federal funding for the NIH, which conducts and supports medical research on a vast array of diseases such as muscular dystrophy, AIDS, Parkinson = s, emphysema, heart disease, Alzheimer = s, Lupus and cancer.

The President's proposed budget for fiscal year 2007 includes a drastic reduction in most NIH programs -- from eliminating funding that helps train health professionals to cutting $40 million from cancer research. However, based on Senate passage of the Specter-Harkin amendment, I believe that there is strong bipartisan support in Congress for restoring vital funding to these programs.

Please be assured that I will continue to push for increases in federal funding to support the advancement of the American health care system through scientific research.

Barbara Boxer

United States Senator

Please visit my website at http://boxer.senate.gov

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