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I've just gotten in the shape to post but here is a brief outline on my operation:

-4-4-06 operation performed at 7:30AM..Lower Left Lobetomy & Upper Left Segmentomy..Both tumors are malignanent..Procedures comleted successfully with heavy resistance from post cardiac scar tissue all around the inner wall of the chest..Thus far procedure has been extremely painful..Still waiting on pathology to see if it has spread beyond the tuomors

-4-9-06 - Discharged from hospital

God Bless,


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Been waiting for an update.

Glad the operation went well,

now to wait for the pathology report,

you know it is malignant but the borders

have to be checked.

If you have pain medication take it on

the needed time, never wait till the pain

is there.

Take it easy and let Jacqueline pamper

you while you are healing.

Hugs to both


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I am so glad they were able to opererate on you. Take time to heal, one day at a time. You will find yourself getting stronger and stronger. Don't forget to keep using that breathing thing. That is very important.

I hope they gave you some good meds. :D

Prayers sent that your pathology report has good news.

Are they going to give you chemo?

Keep us posted.


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Superman is back yea. Praying for no spread and wishing you a speedy and thorough recovery. Formerly of CedarKnolls NJ.

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Tom: I would also like to wish you a speedy recovery and a good pathology report. Maybe the disturbing of all the scar tissue is causing more pain for you than most people experience from the operation. If you are in pain now, you shoud ask for stronger drugs. It is hard to have a smooth healing and be a happy camper when you are in pain. I took pain pills for about 4 days after my operations and after that did not need them.

Don M

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Where did you get the strenght to type? You are amazing. That is major league surgery you just have. Do you still have the garden hose? Those thingy they put to drain the residual from surgery?

God Bless you and your wife. I will be praying for your speedy recovery. You need all the rest you can get to heal. Don't try to do too much. Let the wound heal first ok?


Thomas & Malou

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Thank you for posting an update, Tom. We've all been thinking about you. I'm glad you are home, and hope that you feel better soon, and that you get good news from the path report. Keep us posted when you can, and all the best to you.

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