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Silly question


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Hello everyone!

The weather is wonderful down here in FL and my pool temperature is slowly increasing. My son and his horde of buddies have been in the pool during spring break, but it still is a bit too chilly for me. (I am a wimp!) :D

When I mentioned this to the nurse at my oncologist's office a couple of weeks ago, she said I shouldn't go in the pool while on chemo because of the potential for infection. Since the pool temperature made this a non-issue at the time, I didn't pursue it.

I see my oncologist tomorrow to set up treatment #6 of 8 and I am guessing that the pool will be warm enough for me soon. I was wondering if anybody else was told "No swimming during chemo". I could understand if I was going in a lake, stream, ocean, gulf or even a public pool. But since this is my own pool and I test the water regularly and treat the water accordingly, I can't see why I can't go in my own pool.

I am not planning on doing any major swimming - just floating around and playing with my son. I've given up roller skating/blading and bike riding per my Doctor's instructions, due to the higher risk of falling because of the chemo side effects. Going in the pool with my son and our friends has always been a big part of our summer.

Am I being whiney about this? Should I just "put on my big girl panties" and deal with not going in the pool this summer?

Pam in FL

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Put on your big girl panties and ask the doctor why he doesn't want you to go in the pool. THEN, decide if you believe in what he's telling you or not. When I was going through radiation, hot tubs, bath tubs, etc. were out, but I didn't do chemo.

Hey, if he sounds whacked to you, get a second opinion - I doubt he's saying an entire summer without the beloved pool, but if he IS, drop kick him and find someone who lets you enjoy life - after all, ya only get one!


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Do you have a port? If so, they do not want you to swim until it has been in for awhile and is completely healed. Believe me, you do not want an infection in your port. If you don't have one then I am at a loss like everyone else. Let us know.


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I sure would stay away from a public swimming pool. Recently I took care of my fellow worker ( a nurse and her husband) who had been in a hot tub at a hotel. Young, healthy, in their 30's, they nearly died after being in that hot tub. When she got off of the vent and they bothe were finally well enough to go home they went home on Oxygen! It seems in the pumps - nasty germs can lurk that don't necessarily get treated when the tub water is treated.

Hot tubs don't look as inviting to me now.

Donna G

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I spoke to my Doctor and he said that I should avoid swimming in public pools, lakes, oceans etc, but it was fine to go in my own pool. Thank goodness!

I was under the impression that I was going to have 8 treatments, due to some paperwork that was sent in to a drug company prior to beginning chemo. However, after speaking with my doctor today, he said that I will only get 6 treatments of Carbo/Taxol - which means that next week's chemo is the last one.

:::happy dance:::

After the last treatment I will get another CT scan and we will see what's going on and then determine what is next. I am sure I will have more questions for everyone then!

Pam in FL


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