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Lori, (mammasbaby girl) how is your mom

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Thanks for asking Maryanne. Mom is doing pretty well. I have actually noticed more movement from her. For instance, to roll to the bedpan, she can actually help some now. Mentally, she says and thinks off the wall things and will argue her point even though it makes no sense. That's my true mom coming out :lol: For instance, today I had the boys there and they were loud and rowdy, so she told them to go outside and play with the bunny. That bunny is in her yard at home.

The other drama has got me down. It's the old SF and mom thing again. I asked mom if she wanted to come to my house for Easter or if she would rather have a brunch made by me at her nursing home. She picked my house and I explained that we would have to have her use a commode and wanted to know if she was comfortable with that. She said yes. It wasn't 5 minutes later that I was getting a lecture from SF that he wanted to go Becky's (his daughter). I told him to go, but apparently that would "look bad". He is just pissed at me instead. SHE IS NOT A PRISONER!!! IT IS EASTER FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!

I swear he wishes her dead. He is giving away her clothes, all of them bc "she won't fit into those again". Creeping me out...beyond creeping me out.

I haven't even told you guys that I am getting my way with my mom in that she will get to come to my house when it is done in 2 months. I am very happy about that, but very nervous bc SF says he is selling their house and he and bro will live in the basement of our new house. I need him there, I can't do it alone. But, he apparently can't afford to pay nurses and the household expenses too. Taking care of mom would be easy if they weren't so angry with each other. Constant yelling match, cussing and all. I can't be around it.

For now, I am trying to focus on what we will need for mom.

Additionally, insurance has denied therapy again. So, I am resubmitting the paperwork for appeal.

God it feels good to come here and let all of this out. Thanks for listening...

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Hi Lori,

Sent you a PM last week. Didn't hear back, thought all was ok.

Sorry you have to go through this with your SF. Does your hubby say anything to your SF? My hubby wouldn't allow anyone to speak to me rudely or with no respect. I pray for you, Sandy and your family. SF included...

Please keep us posted,

God Bless and Hugs,

"Happy Easter"


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Hi Lori,

Thanks for the update. I am glad that your mom seems to be making her own decisions now. I just hope the SF lightens up big time.

He seems to be close to your brother, does your bro realize some of the hurtful things he is doing or does he just have blinders on?

I just hate that you seem to be going through this alone with no support from you brother.

Anyway, you guys have a great holiday. I hope it is pleasant and nice a quiet.(no interference from him, no flare ups etc) Take pics and make some great memories with you mom.

Maryanne :wink:

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Good to get an update Lori. You and your mom are in my thoughts LOTS. Glad your mom is making her own decisions as well; I surely hope the SF thing works out like you need it to when everything comes together at your house. And....don't forget about your state insurance commissioner if the insurance appeal thing becomes too much for you -- they are supposedly there to help with things like this.

Smiles and hugs and laughter for a great Easter holiday!


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Good to hear from you Lori, I think of you all the time and pray you are getting along okay. Step fathers are a different story aren't they? I am glad to hear that your mom will be with you. I hope things work out with the rest of your family. I think you will have a wonderful Easter and am so happy she will be in your home.

Hugs and prayers


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