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An Easter Wish For My Mom


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Hi. I am not sure how appropriate this is to post, but I wanted to ask something of all of you: if you have read my posts of recent, you know that my mom has been "knocked on her can" lately after her fall and delays in radiation treatment. Her spirit seems strong, but she is wrestling with an awful lot inside about her unexpected dx, the future, her side effects, etc. She's frustrated and scared and bored at the moment.....not alot of friends are even visiting her -- barely any, in fact!

I will be with her on Easter Sunday (more than that, but definitely that day) -- I thought, perhaps, I could print out whatever all of you would like to say to her to encourage her (at least I would have one thread to print things from for her) and take them to her on Easter (a day signifying resurrection to a new life -- lots of hope inherent on that day).....you can even include reports on me (have I been a good daughter in here and behaved myself? :oops: .... moms love that sort of stuff too).

Mom knows I am here, but she doesn't really know/understand how great this site is and she has, at times, expressed concern that I am "out there" just airing all kinds of stuff about her (she is a really elegant lady that prefers to keep things to herself, where right now, I scream everywhere, even if I look like a fool, just to get through this) -- she has never used a computer in her life and, quite frankly, doesn't like this age of the internet.

Hopefully all of your signatures will print too when I do this so she can see all the wisdom, caring and success that exists here, no matter what she goes through. My signature is up to date as well. Hopefully that will help with anything you'd like to address to encourage her.

Thanks in advance,


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Oh Yes...I want to be the first to encourage your mom to Fight Fight Fight! Please know that we are behind you all the way...what ever you do or however you feel...We are Here. We Care. I found so much to be grateful for here from all these wonderful friends.

You and your mom are in our hopes and prayers. I look forward to hearing how things are with you both. Post anytime. Ask any question.

Much love,


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Dear Linda's Mom~

Happy Easter. Make Linda cook dinner for you and be a nice daughter. Why stop there? Make her clean closets too. I hope you both have a wonderful day together. I am sorry to hear about your fall. I am sure you will make up for all lost time and do well with your treatments.

We are all here pulling for you and wishing you well. I know its hard, but you can do this.


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Wish I knew your name, Linda's MOM

This disease is beatable, hang in there and keep a positive attitude and keep fighting. NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP you have to much to live for, your daughter for one, plus your too young... Have a great Easter Sunday.

Keeping you in my prayers.

Plan on the future and enjoy each day!!! :wink:

Sending you Blessings and Hugs, :)


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Happy Easter, Linda's Mom!!!!!!

I'm so sorry you have had a bit of a setback with your fall. I understand you are a remarkable woman with an iron will. I, too, have that same type of will. Having it took me from having little hope to where I am today. And today I am doing pretty darn good and enjoying a slice of life.

You take care and get back on your feet and back into the treatment routine. We are all rooting for you.


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Dear Linda's mom,

I am also the only daughter of a mother with LC. For my mom, this whirlwind of a journey has had many ups and downs. We daughters are pretty proud of our mothers who fight this disease with all that you have. You are so courageous. I am sure that you never thought you'd be on so many medicines in your life. My mom hates that part, as she has always been hesitant to take too much Tylenol pre-cancer. But, she does it and has been doing it for almost 2 years this May. Medicine has come a long way.

We are praying for you all the way from northern KY that your pain can lessen and that you and Linda strengthen your relationship during this time. My mom tells every Dr. and persomn she meets that I am her patient advocate and it makes me feel pretty proud of myself. I know that Linda is that person for you and I am sure you are just as proud. She is a pretty smart lady, full of resources and support for me and my family.

Here's a prayers for you and yours:

God, we know that you don't want us to know the future, but we pray that you guide us into it one step at a time.

And as a very sweet man named Dean Carl said:

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Here's to many of these moments this Easter weekend.

Love and prayers...


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Linda's Mom,

Have a Happy Easter and enjoy the company

of Linda, she loves you so much and wants you

to get better even with the set back of your

shoulder, you will get better with the treatments.

Easter prayers for you on th way.


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Linda's Mom.

You are a courageous woman fighting this cancer. What the cancer can not do is take away your person. Who you are and how you became. Your daughter mentioned you are elegant,I have never been able to be elegant. How do you do that? Enjoy your Easter together, Is there a special ritual your family does for Easter. What did your family do at Easter when you were a child?

Have a blessed Easter and enjoy, enjoy.


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Thank you all for your kind replies -- took them all in to mom today....yes, all of them -- no edits (although Ry and Frank.....I am going to get you both back....sometime/somewhere....when you "least expect it," as my dad used to say,....lol). Mom's name is Helen. Took in some of our best jokes lately too so she can have some lightheartedness whenever she needs a quick pick-me-up.

Mom hasn't really read your posts yet, though I told her some about them while she was awake -- she's been really sick the last few days (lost 8 pounds since Tuesday) and she's just whooped from the last chemo like I have not seen so far. Even her nurse is concerned -- the nurse is so concerned that she is going to help me advocate with the doctor this week (hooray.....I could use it as you all know). I am so thankful that the nurses at the facility where she is care and do everything they can when I am not there to watch hydration and everything that needs tending during this process.

Really ticked this nurse off when we told her about the doctor looking at us and saying "so what's your plan here?" on Tuesday after looking at her hurt arm.......and he just keeps the chemo coming after he said it can't do anymore good until radiation can commence. Long messy story from last week.

Anyway, I'll save the rest and future updates on this for more appropriate forums.

Thanks again,


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