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I Know It's Early.....But......


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I just had to be the first to wish our Cindi a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

The special day isn't until tommorrow but I thought we could start the celebration early.

In addition to being a wonderful gal and a special friend....she also makes one heck of a drink.

I thought we could give Cindi a birthday roast.

Who wants to begin???????

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Well this deserves a special celebration.......how long can we all stay plastered?????????

We have to be good for at least the weekend after all it's not everyday that Cindi turns 51.......jeez girl you're almost as old as dirt!

Happy, happy birthday.



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Happy, happy birthday, baby

Although you're with somebody new

Thought I'd drop a line to say

That I wish this happy day

Would find me beside you

Happy, happy birthday, baby

No I can't call you my baby

Seems like years ago we met

On a day I can't forget

'Cause that's when we fell in love

Do you remember

The names we had for each other

I was your pretty, you were my baby

how could we say goodbye

Hope I didn't spoil your birthday

I'm not acting like a lady

So I'll close this note to you

With good luck and wishes too

Happy, happy birthday, baby

Cindi, you are too young (way too young) to remember this song, and the words are not quite accurate in my wishes for you. But I do wish you a very merry birthday and many, many happy returns. You give a gift to us each day, now sit back and enjoy these gifts from us.

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Well, well, well, Miss Cindi :lol: ! I am so happy to be able to be part of the celebration! Today is YOUR day and it should be very special. I will be at the Pub and hope it is so crowded there is standing room ON the bar only :lol: !

Have a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear girl. I love you, ya know?



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