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Good News From A Friend.....


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Just a year ago, I started my current job. I had only been on the job about a week, still dazed and confused, when a very nice man came into my office to inquire about the status of his contract. He had lost his wife, the love of his life, a few months prior to this meeting. She had small cell lung cancer. He was teary eyed as he told me about his dear wife and he had no idea that I would understand all of his words, feelings and raw emotions. I told him all about my Dennis and his battle against lung cancer. I have to say that this man was one of the most heartbroken men I have ever seen in my entire life. His heart was broken and he truly believed his life was over. I must say that I was quite concerned about his well being. I made a point of calling him every couple of weeks. He came into the office often and we always had long, tearful talks. I encouraged him to attend the Hospice grief counseling sessions. He took my advice and would often stop to tell me that the group was helping. A few months ago, he stopped in to tell me he had a date. He was taking one of the women from his group to dinner. He was scared to death but I encouraged him to take the plungs and enjoy the evening. He was always encouraged to hear of my life changing after I found someone. Well.....he stopped in last week to tell me he is leaving the support group since he and this wonderful lady are getting married in the fall. Sha lost her husband to lung cancer and they have so many interests in common. They have officially moved in together since he now has a toothbrush at her house. For the first time, I saw this man really smile. It was more than a smile...he was beaming. He knows no one will ever replace his loving wife but he has decided to move forward and live again, rather than die from a broken heart.

I can't tell you how happy this news made me. I felt I should share this with our group, as I know there are many of you that will be faced with the decision about moving on or living in the past. I think all of us that have lost a spouse to lung cancer will always have the memories of our loved ones. We will always have memories of how we lost these loves and the battles we fought with them to defeat the monster that invaded their bodies. Moving on does not mean forgetting or replacing. It means turning a new page and finding life again.

My friend has a wonderful phrase that he uses to describe his journey. He said when his wife was diagnosed with canner, he felt as if he had entered a long underground tunnel. From the time of her diagnoses, until now, he has been traveling inside that dark, lonely tunnel. Now, he has finally emerged from the darkness and has once again seen the sunlight.

I hope this little story will help all of my friends that have lost a love to find the sunshine they deserve.

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