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Ok, this has nothing to do with anything so I was not sure where to post it.

Just a question. I am going to Disney World next Friday and was just looking for some tips on things to do down there. I mean, I know there is tons and tons of stuff to do, I am tyring to see is anyone has been there recently and has any "Do not miss" suggestions.

I have never been. I have not been anywhere in over 10 years because I am absolutely terrified to fly. I swore I would never step foot on an airplane and I have missed out on so much the past ten years. I booked this trip and I am praying that I do not chicken out. Last time I booked a trip I walked down the little ramp going onto the plane, stepped one foot on it and changed my mind, turned around and left. My luggae went and all my friends did as well. This was pre Septembet 11, I know if I did this these days I would probably be taken into custody.

So I am tyring to compile a list of things that I will be excited about doing so I cna focus on that and not the flight!! Any Disney experts, I would appreciate any insight!!

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I can't help with Disney as I have never been there.

I can relate to not liking to fly anywhere.Hope that phase of it goes well for you.

If you don't recieve adequate response on what to do at Disney in this forum please let me know and I'll move to the general forum where there may be more readers.

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I live in Florida so maybe I can help a bit. It's hard to say what not to miss at Disney. Everything is wonderful and different areas appeal to different people. Not sure how many days you plan on spending at Disney. To see everything, three days is a good amount of time. Epcot is one of my favorite areas. While in the Orlando area, I would advise trying to visit Universal Studios. I really prefer that over Disney. Hope you have a great visit. Orlando is packed full of wonderful things to do and see. The weather is great now...not a cloud in the sky.

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I haven't been there recently but I love Disneyworld, have been there 3 times and would love to live there if I could!!

Before I went, I had gone to the bookstore and gotten the latest edition of "Birnbaums Guide to Disneyworld". It was the best money I spent because it outlines all the rides, parks, etc and you can figure out what is a 'must see' for you.

I was so anal the last time that I mapped out my whole vacation on index cards, which park to go to on what day, what order to go to the rides for minimum wait times on line, where to eat on what day and what time (I had all the places reserved 6 months in advance). It was like vacation boot camp but it worked!! :lol:

Anyway, I'm with you with the fear of flying! It really annoys me the things in life I have missed, because flying freaks me out. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and do it!!!

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How exciting! I like Disney, too, and live just outside Orlando. I would avoid Space Mission at Epcot. Bad for people with high blood pressure and sometimes people don't realize their BP is as high as it is. A recent death as a result of going on that ride was attributed to HBP. Other than that, my favorite park is Epcot. I haven't been to Magic Kingdom. MGM is ok, but we thought Universal was better. Visited Animal Kingdom a week ago. It was fun. If you are in Orlando, you are only an hour from Cape Canaveral and all the space stuff. Also, don't miss the discount stores on International Drive. Good buys.

Debi's suggestion about buying a guide to Disney World is good. Do it. And do plot out your time a little (Debi may have overdone it, but it worked for her.) For the really popular rides, etc. they hand out passes with a time frame (an hour, I think) for you to return and (then) not wait in line. So, first, go to the things you really want to see and get those passes. Think it's called FastPass, but that may be the name of the passes used on some of the highways here.

Check out the various kinds of tickets you can buy. Some allow "park jumping" - from one park to another on the same day. You can get a discount if you buy tickets for 2 or 3 days. Check out the website: www.Disneyworld.com is the address (I think). Have a wonderful time!

Muriel K

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My 10 year old son & I did a week at Disney last year and had a great time.

Use the Fast Pass option as much as you can so you can cut down on the wait time. It's really easy to use - scan your ticket and get a time to come back for the ride. You can only have one Fast Pass at a time, so it is good to plan your day!

Epcot was my favorite - the fireworks there are so awesome. Make sure you go on Soaring and Test Track - they are great! The flower show is going on there now and that is always gorgeous! We love the Viking ride in Norway!

If you do MGM, you MUST see the Stunt Show "Lights, Motors, Action!" and definitely get a Fast Pass for that one! It was awesome! The Star Wars Ride, the Great Movie Ride and the Indiana Jones show were my personal favorites.

The Magic Kingdom was the roller coaster rides for us - we went on each one three times. It's a Small World has been refurbished and looks all brand new. The Haunted Mansion is always ghoulishly fun too! The parade and the Cinderella stage show in front of the castle is cute. Many of the classic attractions are still there. I really enjoy this park.

I like Universal also, but I haven't been there recently.

Weather here in FL is warm - pack your sunscreen and make sure you drink plenty of water during your stay! Our rainy season has not begun yet, so you shouldn't be troubled by afternoon showers. Night time temps are in the low to mid 60's and daytime temp is between 82-87 so it is quite lovely without the high humidity!

Enjoy your trip - although the plane ride may be the worse part of your visit, it will be the shortest part also!!

Pam in FL


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Thank you so much guys. I am glad that it seems I am not the only one who hates flying. all week , starting Saturday, I have been having terrible terrible nightmares about planes. Its awful.

I hope the pills they gave me work.

I am so glad to hear about the flower show. thats definatly going to be on my list.

I am sure it will be great.

everyone at 10am on Friday think positive thought for a JetBlue flight form Boston to Orlando. I need all the help I can get!

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