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It is easy to geet caught up in everything around the holidays. Especially BIG ones I call them. Easter is a time for spending with family and gathering Easter Eggs and generally doing a lot of "Fun" things you know? Tak etime to remember the real meaning and reason for celebration of this holiday. I am just having one of those sad days for some reason. Probably because everyone in my family will be caught up in what I just said not to get caught up in. I don't have Deb this year and it really HURTS a lot. Was up at 4 am sending LCA letters to congress people this morning. Working tomorrow and Sunday I am going to a 6 am Sunrise service at cemetary where Deb is. Also Taking her a lovely bouquet for her new Marker on her Grave site. Just a note to stop and remember what the holiday is all about. Other than that HAVE FUN AND DON'T EAT TO MUCH CHOCOLATE!!!! YOU'LL GET A TUMMYACHE!!!!!! Much Love Joy and Prayers From thee researcher RandyW

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Thank you Randy.... for the reminder, for all you do for us, for being your wonderful self.

I am sorry you are feeling so down, (((Big Hug))))

I will be sending you my love and warm fuzzy thoughts this Easter. May God's love ease your sorrow and help you feel the joy in the promise that this holiday brings; the promise that we have life in heaven and that you will see Deb again.

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A big hug from East Tennessee. Was just listening to the following song and it really spoke to me. I think it will speak to you, too.


He Will Carry Me

I call, You hear me

I’ve lost it all

And it’s more than I can bear

I feel so empty

You’re strong

I’m weary

I’m holdin’ on

But I feel like givin’ in

But still You’re with me


And even though I’m walkin’ through

The valley of the shadow

I will hold tight to the hand of Him

Whose love will comfort me

And when all hope is gone

And I’ve been wounded in the battle

He is all the strength that I will

Ever need

And He will carry me

I know I’m broken

But You alone

Can mend this heart of mine

You’re always with me


And even though I feel so lonely

Like I’ve never been before

You never said it would be easy

But You said you’d see me through

The storm


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I feel so bad that you feel so bad. :cry: This is the first Easter without your wife. The first of everything is so hard to get through.

Just sending you some good vibes and hope you make the best of the holidays. I am sure your Deb will love the flowers.

Just want to say that you are such wonderful addition to your site. You help in so many ways.

Thank you!

Maryanne :wink:

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