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Husband's Marker


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I am in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Went to the cemetary to visit Ed. I took my umbrella,tissues and a stool. Ed's military marker was in place at first I was so happy to see it. Then the end date is wrong, the date should be March 11 instead it reads March 3. So I just sat down and cried and cried. I took him 7 pink roses 1 for each year of our marriage. I told him how much I miss and love him. His song for us is Beyond The Sea.......to him it says one day him and I will meet Beyond the Sea. We danced to that, cried to that and finally I placed it in his memorial folder.

So I sat in the car listening to Beyond The Sea as I was listening a eagle kind of circled around Ed's grave and flew off. So I cried more and then I was comforted.

I will see if I made the mistake on the military marker paperwork or they did. Hopefully it won't be too difficult to change. I could just hear my husband saying to me if it costs too much to fix forget it. I know when I died and so do you. Or maybe a stone mason can do a fix, I hope so.

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Dear Adela,

I hope you can get the marker fixed, too. I think it will bother you forever unless you get it fixed, regardless of the cost.

I've been reading your posts, Adela, and I know how sad and heartbroken you are. I don't have any magic words to make it better - if I did, I would use them on myself, too. I CLING to the words of others who are farther along with this than you and me. They say it really does get better with time. If I didn't have those words of hope, I just don't know how I could cope at all. I pray that you will cling to those words and treat them as a promise - it will get better.

Love and hugs,


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It gets better with a lot of time! Can't imagine that happening right now. Adela I know your pain. Debs marker came this week to. She is under a big Oak Tree in the cemetary. I go every week and take fresh flowers for her. I understand how you feel and wish there was something to say to make it better; but there is nothing to say except for prayers for strenght right now. Going to Easter Sunrise at cemetary and can't sleep this morning. Everybody is so happy at Easter it is making me mad because I have no wife to be Happy with. Just my always Happy Pupppydawg. Much love to you this Holiday and will say a prayer. PS Send Rain :)

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I just want you to know that I am thinking of you. You had a very difficult day. I feel the Eagle may have been a sign that he is alright and watching over you.

I pray for some comfort for you.


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I am living proof that as time passes the mind adjusts somehow. Today was my second Easter without Tim and yet our family was able to make it be an o.k. event. My kids and grandkids all went to his marker and found some treasures the Easter Bunny (me) had hidden nearby. We "shared" them with Grampa and celebrated memories of our past Easters with him. It seems that as time goes by we keep thinking up new traditions. It's helping us with the healing process.

Timothy: 09/15/38-12/19/04 age 66; Married for 44 years and knew each other for 48.

Father of 5 and Grampa to 12

timncyn forever

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