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I believe in miracles....

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And so does the Dr. He actually used that word-my mom is a miracle!

After starting her back on 40mg of decadron and Dylantin to help with the seizures, I walked into her room this morning to find her sitting up talking like a runaway train. She was disoriented about what was going on, but listened to the tale of her being out like a light for 2 days and she could not believe it.

The Dr. feels that she cannot do without the steroids and I guess he is right. Maybe it is us hanging on, but I am holding on tight until God says her time is up.

I spent time with her, came home and celebrated the miracle by spending time with John, my boys and granny. SF and my brother even came to eat with us. We flew a kite and had a glorious meal prepared by me :lol:

Everyone in our family is simply amazed to see her turnaround today. My uncle is spending the night. I am so thankful for my family-you guys included.

And as we have all said so many times, God is good.

Peace out,


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Boy after responding to "Is this It?" I got a lotta Easter egg on my face I think. So very happy for such wonderful news. Remember the Dr is helping and God is controlling. YEah MOM!!!!! :D:D:D

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Me too, RandyW, on that egg-all-over-the-face-thing in the "Is this it?" post! Happy to wear it though with such great news, especially for Lori and her mom ..... 'gotta admire the fighting spirit of you and your family Lori, and the miracles that surround you and yours.


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Randy and Linda,

From what the Drs. have said, they did NOT expect this at all. It is still touch and go until they figure out if it is the UTI causing all of this trouble (although why would she have 25 minute seizures if so) or if cancer has invaded her again. MRI today, test results who knows when. Thank you both for responding in my time of need.

Mom is very disoriented still, to the point that she told the Drs. that she is babysitting. We are unsure if she was messing with them or not bc my uncle was there and they like to pick on each other. She also keeps saying a long lost relatve is there. He is alive, but we have not seen or spoken to him in years.

Much love to you all...

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I just know your mom will back on her feet in no time. I never expected my husband to walk again

after 40 days on the ventilator and 2 scares of code blue (flat line), but somewhere in between, I know and had faith, that he will one day pick up his bed and walk. It was really wishful thinking at that time, but God heared it. Anyway, your mom will be just fine my gut feeling says so. Comprende!

God Bless


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